Microsoft Office Mobile now available for Symbian smartphones

10 April 2012 by
Nokia today announce that it has start the rollout of Microsoft Office Mobile for 8 Symbian smartphone models

Microsoft Office Mobile available for Symbian smartphones

Nokia has still not manage to make up its mind what to call the dying Symbian / Nokia Belle operating system. Regardless of what we are supposed to call it, a range of devices running on the operating system can now download Office Mobile collection of apps.

The list of supported phones are

  • Nokia 603
  • Nokia 700
  • Nokia 701
  • Nokia E7
  • Nokia X7
  • Nokia C7
  • Nokia Oro
  • Nokia C6-01
Microsoft Office Mobile consist of Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, OneNote Mobile and PowerPoint Mobile. OneNote has already been release, and today's announcement is about the remaining apps Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
Users with one of the listed Nokia models mentioned above can download the suite using the Nokia Software Update tool on the smartphone or the Nokia Suite on a PC.
Nokia N8, Nokia E6 and Nokia 500 will receive the update later. The Nokia 808 PureView will be shipped with Office Mobile when it hit the stores.  


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anonymuser12 years ago
I think they should call it "Ridiculously long, slow and painful death". It's got a nice ring to it.
etaab12 years ago
Thats a rather childish-so-in-love-with-my-iPhone unnecessary comment to make.
Especially for what is essentially great news for Symbian users due to Nokia's partnership with Microsoft. It brings better productivity which as far as i can tell is a positive rather than a negative.
anonymuser12 years ago
Thanks - that barely warrants a civil reply, but I'll just point out that I was using Symbian before Psion even decided to call it that - before it was even put on the first phone. I've followed it's fortunes for a long time, and was a big supporter of it for a long time.
It's dead now. Nokia killed it a long time ago, wasted all their opportunity, and then spent far too long parading it's warmed over corpse around pretending it still had a future. Now, even they have admitted that it's a lifeless cadaver and fit only for a funeral in the very near future.
As someone that once thought the future of mobile rightly belonged to Symbian, excuse me if I find Nokia's recent uncertainty over what to even call the platform they've shafted a little amusing, in a sad way. And if you don't excuse me, well, you can always bite me.
hihihans12 years ago
Is this Nokia's way to keep Symbian alive. Just in case WPhone doesn't work out the way they hope. Office on WPhone works perfect and i sincerely hope it does the same under Belle.
etaab12 years ago
@ Boinng - You see, its not the fact you have used Symbian or anything like that, its the fact you come here on Esato and literally stab every other OS in the heart with whatever scrap of negativity you can if its not iOS or something Apple related. You sound so childish.
Symbian to me is more alive now than ever before. Have you used a new Symbian device recently ? probably not from the sounds of it. Theres more apps in the Nokia store than there ever has been before, before the store was even there. It might be small in comparsion to the newer operating systems but the quality content is there, something which is much harder to find especially on Apples store. Symbian simply has less trash apps that simply make up numbers.
Sure Symbian cannot compete with Android or iOS now since they're much newer, sleeker and advanced in the programming where it counts. Nobody doubts that, but the whole point of this entire post is that you are under some dillusional idea that Symbian is dead, useless and cannot provide a stable decent OS for a phone - when it can.
I dont know about you, but id rather have the latest Symbian Belle over Nokia's Series 30, 40, SE's none-smartphone interface or any other manufacturers for that matter. As far as im concerned, even if Nokia and other firms like Accenture who're meant to be continuing Symbian development stop, i think Symbian should be installed on even budget phones as it can do so much more than a very basic OS and would be very easy to implement.
As far as im concerned Boinng, Symbian isnt dead, feature phone operating systems and basic interfaces are dead.
anonymuser12 years ago
Etaab, what you're saying about me there simply isn't true, and it's a shame you've got such a distorted view of me. I suspect that comes from the same distortion you seem to apply to anyone's preference for ios - as you've made clear before, to you we're all unthinking drones, the uneducated masses. It's a nasty kind of techno-bigotry you're espousing, you're not alone in it but that doesn't make it right.
I brought up my past in Symbian because it forms part of my view on Symbian now, a view which has nothing to do with Ios or Apple (subjects you chose to bring up) and everything to do with how the famously "burning" platform has been mismanaged over the years. The reason I believe Symbian is dead is not that the iPhone rulez, but because Nokia have effectively said so, and announced the funeral plans, long after they effectively killed it through mismanagement and incompetence anyway.
But do you know what, I know I'm wasting my words, I can see you're blinded by your own bias and ignorance anyway, and it seems like - as someone that dares to defend the iPhone on esato - my opinion is now less than worthless to posters like you. So maybe, after however many years it's been, I'm done with esato.
[ This Message was edited by: Boinng on 2012-04-13 07:29 ]
etaab12 years ago
But it is true - almost every comment i see of yours when talking about anything which relates to your like of Apple and iOS usually just makes you sound that way and ive noticed the same result happen with other forum members.
Other people here on Esato are iPhone owners and love and prefer their idevices over the rest, take MissUK for example, she posts on here daily and tells all about her iPhone and how much she loves it - the difference being she also gives credit to other devices such as HTC with Android and Sense.
Your very first comment in this thread just illustrates what im getting at entirely. Good news is greeted by the first comment with negativity. In years gone by, you'd have been jumped on by many more members because more active long term posters were here and even though would agree Symbian is old and to be disused they'd still give it the credit it deserves.
Nokia might not consider Symbian in their future plans, fair enough, but real phone geeks like me dont mind moving with the times (even all about Symbian have now created the site all about windows phone). I dont think Nokia once have ever said Symbian is dead, thats just what the media and public think.
Its far from it, i'd be more than happy for nobody to develop Symbian further but it does not mean it cannot be used anymore. Symbian by default needs far smaller specs than Android and could be used on budget phones and bring about the more than welcome death of feature phones in my opinion. Its very stable and by default also includes a vast amount of built in apps which can be used by most people for many every day tasks. Android and iOS do not include such basic luxuries and usually need an app to perform the same function Symbian brings out of the box.

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