Nokia announce the Nokia N81, Nokia N81 8GB, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia 5310 and Nokia 5610

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• Nokia 500
• Nokia 5310 XpressMusic
• Nokia 5610 XpressMusic
• Nokia 600
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• Nokia 808 PureView
• Nokia Asha 200
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• Nokia C5-00 5MP
• Nokia C5-06
• Nokia E6-00
• Nokia Lumia 1020
• Nokia Lumia 510
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• Nokia N81
• Nokia N81 8GB
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• Nokia N95
• Nokia N95 8GB
• Nokia Oro
• Nokia X1-00
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• Nokia X7-00

From the forum:
Alongside the introduction of Ovi, the door to Nokia's new Internet services, Nokia today unveiled four new mobile devices specifically optimized for entertainment, music and games

Nokia N81Nokia N81 and Nokia N81 8GB: Entertainment made simple
With dedicated music and gaming keys, 3.5 mm headphone connector and 3G and WLAN connectivity, the Nokia N81 multimedia computer is a true mobile entertainment powerhouse. With a sleek, polished surface and keys that light up when you activate them, accessing content on the 3D multimedia menu is fast and intuitive. Equally impressive, the Nokia N81 is configured to find, buy, manage and play music and games purchased from the Nokia Music Store and N-Gage games service. The estimated retail price of the Nokia N81 is 360 EUR before subsidies or taxes. The Nokia N81 8GB is expected to retail for 430 EUR before subsidies or taxes. Both versions are expected to begin shipping in the fourth quarter of 2007.
Nokia N95 8GB: Stunning screen, massive memory
The Nokia N95, the world's greatest multimedia computer, just got greater. With all the key features of its predecessor, including a 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, built-in A-GPS, WLAN, HSDPA and an innovative 2-way slide, the Nokia N95 8GB now offers up to eight gigabytes of built-in memory. The N95 8GB also boasts a new luminous 2.8" QVGA display - one of the largest ever for a multimedia computer - so that watching videos, browsing the Internet or viewing maps is easy. With its expanded memory, the N95 8GB offers up to 20 hours of video* or up to 6000 songs**. The N95 8GB multimedia computer is expected to begin shipping in the fourth quarter of 2007 with an estimated retail price of EUR 560 before subsidies or taxes.
Nokia 5310 XpressMusic - Small in size, big on music
With a sleek aluminium finish, the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic phone blends an array of features with an iconic design. At only 9.9mm thick and weighing less than 71 grams, the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic fits comfortably in a pocket or purse. Equally important, the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic offers up to 18 hours of music playback, memory for up to 3,000 songs** on an optional 4GB microSD card and dedicated music keys. With a 2-megapixel camera and a bright 2-inch QVGA screen with up to 16 million colors, the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic is expected to begin shipping in the fourth quarter of 2007 with an estimated retail price of 225 EUR before taxes and subsidies. 
Nokia 5610 XpressMusic - Edgy design, sharp sound
The Nokia 5610 XpressMusic comes ready to rock with an iconic Music Slider key making music easy to access with a flick of the thumb.  Aluminum side panels accent the all-black high gloss finish and large 2.2-inch, 16 million color display of the Nokia 5610 XpressMusic.  The Nokia 5610 XpressMusic offers crystal clear sound and up to 22 hours of music playback and memory with capacity for 3,000 songs on an optional 4GB microSD card**. More than just a phone and music player, the Nokia 5610 XpressMusic features a high-quality 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus and dual LED flash. The Nokia 5610 XpressMusic uses 3G technology, making downloads, web-browsing and video calls faster and easier. The Nokia 5610 XpressMusic is expected to begin shipping in the fourth quarter of 2007 with an estimated retail price of EUR 300 before taxes and subsidies.
Both Nokia XpressMusic handsets are compatible with the recently launched Nokia Music Store, offering consumers a wide music selection to be downloaded via PC.

Nokia N81

Nokia N81

Nokia N81


Nokia N95 8GB:

Nokia N95 8GB

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic:

Nokia 5310

Nokia 5310

Nokia 5610 XpressMusic:

Nokia 5610 XpressMusic

Nokia 5610 XpressMusic

On 23 Sep 10:21 mubashir wrote
best mobile you anonce next mobile name LOVE IS LIFE
On 17 Sep 22:11 Doctor wrote
Also, Nokia announced a US-specific N95 with 850/1900 3G:

Between this and the Apple iPhone price drop, my next phone choice will be very difficult.
On 16 Sep 14:22 nakisa wrote
i want a celephone
On 12 Sep 15:27 shygirl wrote
hi all. jus wanted to back gerry up on the battery coments. i have a n95 and i have to sometimes charge it a second time in one day. it's vey annoying but i still love it. i want a touch screen phone next. i will look at the LG ku990 and the w960
On 11 Sep 21:16 Gerry wrote
completely different phones, Dimitri.

the P1i is better for smartphone users because of it's touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard. it's battery life and physical size is better also. the N95 is more of a media phone. the screen is better (but no touchscreen) than the P1i and the camera is higher resolution (3.2MP vs 5MP), although both take very good photos. te N95 is better equiped for music but the P1i is still very good in this area. in terms of practicality, stability and reliability and ease of use, the P1i wins every time. if you want a glorious screen and absolutely NEED to have a 5MP cam, then the N95 is better suited. neither are perfect phones though.
On 11 Sep 15:08 dimitri wrote
what u guys think about p1i and n95 which ne is better?
On 11 Sep 05:40 rmostrado wrote
in terms of music, picture quality,flatform design and fashion there's nothing else great....on SONY ERICSSON> CHEEEERS....Nokia "Brand new now...Phase out tomorow" even our maid chooses SE....bang! bang!>
On 10 Sep 02:01 Gerry wrote
Leslie, i agree with most of what you're saying so i'll just consentrate on the things i dont. firstly, yes! with moderate to high usage, the N95 and N80 need to be charged 2 sometimes 3 times in a day. how do i know this? well.. i used to have an N80 and a DO have an N95. this has nothing to do with brand bashing as i've owned many Nokia handsets over the years. this has to do with hard facts.. first hand facts. if you dont believe the power problems with these phones, just read a review... actually.. read a few. it's a common theme. if the power consuption on the N95 wasn't an issue, it would be a near perfect phone. secondly, the N91 is Nokias FIRST attempt at making a music phone. it had so many problems that most networks refused to support it. you have a right to your oppinion and i respect that, but you cant say that Nokia havn't improved on their music abilities since their first attempt. that's just plain silly. but most of all, i refuse to believe that nokia have made a better music phone with their first attempt than SE, when Sony have over 30 years experience. i mean.. it's ludicrous!!
Sony are amongst the best in the world for sound and music devices and ARE the world leader in the portable music sector. i'm really sorry to say, but your claim is laughable. Sony are lightyears ahead of ANY mobile phone manufacturer when it comes to sound and photography. remember, the Kseries is not a smartphone, but it takes a nokia smartphone (and the flagship one at that) just to come close to competing. regarding what you said about the video recording on the N95. yes, it is pretty much the best around at the moment, and the screen too... but remember, this is a media phone so you would expect that. SE dont have a media phone so it's unfair to compare anything to it. in my oppinion, SE are much better for music (any W*** phone) and much better for photography (any K*** phone). if SE could put these attributes together, they'd have a hell of a media phone and Nokia would be left scratching thier heads. but all SE have is the P range. as a business phone user, for what the P series lacks in media power, it gains in practicality for the business sector. when you're e-mailing and texting, you need a QWERTY, and touchscreen is a must for web browsing. nokia's real competiter here is the E61, and the P series are better in every sense.
On 9 Sep 13:41 bill wrote
the nokia n95 is the best
On 9 Sep 01:22 Leslie wrote
After reading All comments, I must Say that SE fans are bias without reason. I mean there's no Realistic fact in what they say. I think truth should take a front sit to Sentimentalism and brand loyalty. SE won't improve if their fans don't stick to facts. first off, N80 & N95 doesn't require Twice charging aDay. That comment is either out of ignorance or meant to bash Nokia products. SE are a good brand No doubt . but they have their week points as with all other brands- including Nokia. SE are however, undisputedly the bset at making Java phones. but when it comes to Making phones with OS, They are still miles behind Nokia. That why they Recalled The P900i After wasting so much time to produce in an attempt to rival the N-series. The phone still Have major firmware flaws that they have to be recalled. SE makes Good music phones to and their Head Phones are really the best in the mobile world. but as of today, The most powerful music phone with music force is the N91. No joke. now the Headphones are not as Good as that of SE. but we all know that is not a way of finding the true music potential of a phone. So if you fix in any head set of any brand or even that Of SE, you will see the difference is so Clear. I presently own an N91 and my twin own But a SE W810i and recently bought the best music phone from SE. Their sound is no where near that of N91. but appart from the N91. no other nokia phone sound as good as that of SE walkman range.

talking of Camera, The N95 cannot be differentiated easily from that of K850i. reviewers are having a hard time with it. but in the area of video coverage. The N95 is miles ahead. featuring 30fps and a VGA display which no SE is able to accomplish. Obvious is All I've been saying that's why Nokia Has 35/36 % of the mobile maket share. You can't fool majority of the people all the time. No one can. Not even Nokia. CHEEEEEERS!
On 7 Sep 16:32 lance07 wrote
i hve a n95 and k800. my k800 is working better for camera than n95. n95 vry over rate!
On 6 Sep 13:41 w550 wrote
hey abt nokia and SE...the winner is defenitely SE..i am not sure abt the n series battery life..but am definite about the camera...why they give so much mode and settings in n73...changing to any of the shoot modes or white balance settings gives the same effect...the picture quality is same as a SE 1.3mp camera.
On 4 Sep 14:22 kg wrote
wow! is tha a normal headphone female jack i see on the side of 5610?

nice!!! but im waiting for the w960!!!
On 2 Sep 12:13 Fivon wrote
Nokia allways is my like
On 1 Sep 22:26 wrote
Usually,i go for Sony Ericsson,but this time i´ll have to say:-Well done Nokia.
Nokia has filled all the market segments with products that go from function and/or style,to price-wise.
My next phone?Most probably,Nokia.
There´s something "rong" with Sony Ericsson like if they keep releasing the same product over and over again whith a different shell but hey,maybe that´s just me...
On 1 Sep 13:25 imran wrote
SE always on the top
On 31 Aug 15:47 Gerry wrote
RockerZ, you obviously havn't a clue what you're talkig about. anyone that does knows that the N series (particularly the N80 and N95) drain power like it's going out of fashion. i've owned an N80. a typical day would mean that BlueTooth is always on (for the car hands free), it would be connected to the internet for at least an hour a day, PDA fuctions (calendar etc) would be used numerous time, i would generally send and recieve about 10-15 text messages a day and make in the region of 7-8 calls lastig around 2-5mins.

now i would call this moderate usage for a smartphone, and yes... i would need to charge my N80/95 twice a day at the very least. 3 times if i've listened to music on the train for 30mins.

on the other hand, my SE P990 would last at least 2 days with the same usage. RockerZ, you should read some reviews or some forum threads on power consuption with N series. you'll soon realise the truth. you're friend may be one of the few people that buy a smartphone but only really use it like they would a normal phone. this would mean they rarely use bluetooth (unless sharing files with friends), probably only send a few txt messages, rarely use the internet and can sometimes go all day without making or taking a call. i would say you could squeeze a day's usage from one charge with this amount of usage. the simple fact is... you should be getting 2-4 days out of a charge with ANY PHONE. if i stay over-night somewhere, i dont want to have to be worrying about my phone running out of power. this has happend many times with my N80, N73 and N95, but never with my P990 and K800.
On 31 Aug 12:36 RockerZ wrote
N80 ?

2-3 timez a day N80 ... you dreaming or what ???

my friend has an n80 he listenes to music on it like hell and uses the phone alot and it still works a one whole day easily ... so i guess u should think about what ur saying ... 2-3 TIMES A DAY ...
On 31 Aug 10:56 rehamer wrote
The new xpress music are really nice. But it looks targetting the young audience. It would have been nicer if its in a metallic shell. So sad. m already 26. The n81, i thought, would replace my n91,8GB, but it seems, it looks very plastic to me though the jack is now located on the right place. on top. The n95, I still hate it. like mine b4. coz the jack is again on the side and cant put it in my pocket. Very small detail but matters a lot. So i would still stay with the n91.
On 31 Aug 01:48 pekos22 wrote
Nokia are pushing out new phones all the time as if they were going out of fashion ...and quite soon out of worth. I have always liked the layout and function of a SE handset the menus, folders, icons are clear and visually appealing. Right now I'm holding out for the W960 which I am sure; is one handset well worth the wait.
On 30 Aug 22:15 phillip wrote
SE has pathetic customer service. Nokia is the best.
On 30 Aug 21:01 Gerry wrote
Fred, that's just it... Nokias look great on paper, but in practical terms, they're so frustrating at times.
On 30 Aug 18:36 keight00i wrote
the xpressmusic range is getting a bit boring in terms of design... no wow factor...
On 30 Aug 18:32 Fred wrote
I'm very disapointed by these new Nokia phones... 8Gb, Music, GPS for the N95, QVGA screens, WLAN... but none of them makes coffee...
On 30 Aug 15:19 he wrote
Now check whos turning glossy. He he he he . . . . this should shut some mouths.
On 30 Aug 14:51 Gerry wrote
RockerZ, did you even read what i said about screens? man.. does anyone actually read these forums properly or do they just do a rough scan till they find something they want to comment on. NOKIA ARE NOT AHEAD OF OTHER BRANDS IN SCREEN SIZE (HTC ANYONE?) AND RES. OTHER COMPANIES CHOOSE NOT TO USE THEM BECAUSE THEY DRAIN TOO MUCH POWER!! most of these nokia phones (N80, N95) need charging 2-3 times a day.. REALLY!!

ok, have i made this clear enough now? :)

On 30 Aug 12:46 Ranjith wrote
5310 look shit but N81 is stunning.....

On 30 Aug 11:46 RockerZ wrote
Yeh i agree that the 5310 seems like a Copy of the W850i ...

But look at the N81 and N95 GB man there looking hell cool , and about screen resolution , Nokia is far better in Screen Size and Resolution , SE is alot behind ...

Regarding Music , SE is the best .
On 30 Aug 05:51 Nokia wrote
Oh damn, see dat N95 8 Giga version.The n95 classic was nice now a bigger screen from 2.6' to 2'8.That really something interesting.Guys what do they mean by fourth quater of 2007
On 30 Aug 03:13 Gerry wrote
firstly, i do actually find the N81 very attractive, although i wont be buying one after owning an N80 and N95 since they were/are a nightmare to live with.

Fancollo, yes, SE are much better than Nokia for music capabilities but this has far more to do with the fact that Sony are 30 years ahead of Nokia in terms of experience with making music devices and equipment. it's the same with the cameras too... and yes, you're right about the earpones. not only is the technology way ahead of nokia, Sony earphones are some of the best you can buy in the world, period.

Peter, screen resolution is a problem for all mobile manufacturers. it's not that they dont have the technology. Sony are one of the world leaders in LCD and OLED screen production. the fact is, SE (and other brands) choose not to use very hi res' screens because they drain 3-4 times more power from the battery, so it's not a worthwhile feature.... and for what SE might lack in res', they more than make up for in the music and photography fields. i happen to also think they are still stuck in the 90's with most of their designs (although the N81 does look very attractive).

On 29 Aug 19:40 BKM wrote
Increasing memory in Nokia only means increasing hanging problems.
Nokia 5610 is copy of SE W850i. these copy cats can't move the future nokia cant survive because they they dont have tech. of their own. SE n MOTO will be the undisputed winners. Nokia sucks. I havent seen any good phone from Nokia from the past some time. if there's any please tell me
On 29 Aug 18:52 George wrote
Great, more fat and heavy phone from Nokia
On 29 Aug 18:27 ahmedsama wrote

SE is no longer better, Nokia is doing a good job catching up.

SE better work on improving their customer relationship first, because, they are the WORST in this matter.
On 29 Aug 17:44 rehamer wrote
i thought w960 would turn my head back to SE. with this new babies??? i doubt it.
On 29 Aug 17:19 Peter wrote
Lol, SE are best 'cos of their headphones?! I agree SE are better but they are waaaaay behind on screen size/resolution.
On 29 Aug 17:17 PopLover wrote
SE have to watch the price of it's coming out Phones
dam it it's just like technology war between SE and NOKIA
On 29 Aug 16:52 justin wrote
SE still rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On 29 Aug 15:53 fancollo wrote
...ram...continue to dream...
On 29 Aug 14:24 Ram wrote
Till se is best b'coz of music capabilities and in ear headphones

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