Nokia to extend the range of XpressMusic mobile phones

29 August 2007 by
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Technical details:
• Nokia 100
• Nokia 101
• Nokia 103
• Nokia 110
• Nokia 111
• Nokia 500
• Nokia 5330 XpressMusic
• Nokia 5530 XpressMusic
• Nokia 5630 XpressMusic
• Nokia 5700 XpressMusic
• Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
• Nokia 600
• Nokia 603
• Nokia 700
• Nokia 701
• Nokia 808 PureView
• Nokia Asha 200
• Nokia Asha 201
• Nokia Asha 202
• Nokia Asha 203
• Nokia Asha 205
• Nokia Asha 205 Dual SIM
• Nokia Asha 210
• Nokia Asha 300
• Nokia Asha 302
• Nokia Asha 303
• Nokia Asha 305
• Nokia Asha 306
• Nokia Asha 308
• Nokia Asha 309
• Nokia Asha 311
• Nokia Asha 501
• Nokia C2-00
• Nokia C2-02
• Nokia C2-03
• Nokia C2-05
• Nokia C2-06
• Nokia C5-00 5MP
• Nokia C5-06
• Nokia E6-00
• Nokia Lumia 1020
• Nokia Lumia 510
• Nokia Lumia 520
• Nokia Lumia 610
• Nokia Lumia 610 NFC
• Nokia Lumia 620
• Nokia Lumia 710
• Nokia Lumia 720
• Nokia Lumia 800
• Nokia Lumia 820
• Nokia Lumia 822
• Nokia Lumia 900
• Nokia Lumia 920
• Nokia Lumia 925
• Nokia Lumia 928
• Nokia N9
• Nokia Oro
• Nokia X1-00
• Nokia X1-01
• Nokia X2-02
• Nokia X2-05
• Nokia X7-00

From the forum:
The rumour has it that Nokia today will announce a couple of new devices in the XpressMusic series. Nokia 5310, Nokia 5610 and Nokia 5710. Nokia will also expand the N-series with a brand new N81

Nothing official yet, but you might follow the webcast live August 29 at 10am UK time. A couple of photos of the new phone models has been posted in the Esato forum. Feel free to discuss the new devices here

A Nokia N95 8GB model is also told to be released at the event later today.

Nokia 5310 Nokia 5610


Nokia 5710


Nokia N81

On 15 Sep 12:19 iSoftech wrote
N81 and N95 Rox.... though N81 beat first the place :)...
On 2 Sep 06:04 ash wrote
well i guess we will all know soon. im with gerry on this one. the batery will suk like all the other N phones
On 2 Sep 05:53 Gerry wrote
Duh, power consumption has always been an issue with all of the N range, from the first (N70, N91, N92) right up to, and including, the N95. for starters, Nokia are notorious for rushing out a huge amount of handsets in a short space of time, so this tells you that they cant have spent much time on refinement. why do you think most of the N range dont get supported by most of the networks? even the E series dont get that much support for the same reasons. Secondly, Nokia dont even make their own batteries, so what makes you think they're going to have solved this problem so soon after the N95 was released?

i think you need to learn a thing or 2 about manufacturers and supporting networks before you try hopelessly defending something and making yourself look silly.

so.. erm.. get YOUR fact right... Duh! ;)
On 2 Sep 04:25 duh wrote
hey gerry, how are you so sure that it will run out of battery? before shooting your mouth off you better get your facts straight. test the phone first stupid.
On 30 Aug 17:15 Umair wrote
koool ,pleased 2 see gud phones frm nokia after a long time
On 30 Aug 14:56 Gerry wrote
AYYZ, yes you're right about the design of the N81, but it'll still need charging 2-3 times a day. so for this reason, i wouldn't go anywhere near it. you'd show your friends and you'd be like "dudes, check out my N81, it does thi.. oh... it ran out of power". had an N80, got an N95. both are a nightmare when it comes to power consumption.
On 30 Aug 13:21 AYYZ wrote
N81 -> so what its a bit heavy and bulk,,, but its totally worth it,, i would totally go out and buy it. Its design is incredible when compared to the N80 and N95,, unfortunately SEman, ure right with a 2MP camera and a price approximated at around 403 Euros at the time of release isnt a sight for sore eyes.. unless its fitted with a GPS and ofcourse Wifi like the older model (n8o).
On 29 Aug 13:57 miguelcorreia wrote
N81 is a smartphone and also got wifi unlike w910
On 29 Aug 13:54 Sony4ev3s wrote
sony kicks butt
On 29 Aug 13:48 HAJLAJ wrote
Toobad it's only 2mpix on N81 otherwise an intresting phone.
On 29 Aug 13:13 trac wrote
n81 looks cool.. is it a slider?
never interested in those twist phones, though. waay too thick.
On 29 Aug 12:21 SEman wrote
Well, this Lanuch is very disappointing.
I wanna see N81 against W910, although W910 is better music phone and have better functions of music.
N81 is very thick , 17.8MM and only 2MP ! why? and very heavy 160g!

On 29 Aug 12:05 DevyK800user wrote
Wow.. N81 is get me attention :P
On 29 Aug 04:45 prom1 wrote
Looks like the 5710 is the reincarnation of the 5700, and the old twisty phone from a year ago. Lets hope it has WiFi finally - with all that Pink its destined for Tmobile to pick it up.

N81 looks like an interface NIGHTMARE! Heat sensitive touch controls along with BAD arrangement is pretty scary. Great hardware within, but something just not right.
On 29 Aug 04:37 SeF wrote
Seems like Nokia is hiding the N82, i guess :)
On 29 Aug 03:49 deepu wrote
i want the game featured on n81!

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