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13 February 2010 by Olav Hellesø-Knutsen

What to expect from MWC in 2010? - Esato Special

We have heard rumours. Some of them could be true. Bada, C5, Wave, Kanna, Legend are some of the models you can expect to see in a couple of days
13 February 2010

We are only hours away from the mobile phone event of the year. On the night before the opening of MWC, Samsung announce several phones running their new operating system Bada. Rumors says at least one of the new phones will have a stunning Amoled display. Maybe it is the Samsung Wave? We will see.

Nokia will most likely announce a couple of models in the new C-series. Maybe a C5 with extraordinary large keys. And a C6 maybe?

Sony Ericsson will announce a new web service with a lot of new ideas. And we have just seen the announcement of the HD-model Vivaz and the Aspen for business users. I wouldn't be surpriced if 3-4 other models were announced on Sunday as well. The Kanna QWERTY model could be one of them. This will also have video recording in HD. And we should not forget the Android model Robin. Which is smaller version of the Xperia X10.

The HTC roadmap has leak a long time ago. The Legend, Salsa, Tide, Buzz, Bravo, Photon, Trophy, Tera are some of the models HTC could announce during the MWC.

On 14 Feb 17:56 GammaSharma wrote
Robin cud be the biggest seller, if it can follow the path of Samsung Corby series, with great 5MP camera and great pricing, and even a qwerty slider version.

The Kanna is looking very promising with the HD technology. Hope it can include the Snap Dragon 1GHz processor, graphics processor, Video call camera, 8MP Touch Tech with Xenon Flash, at least better hardware than the already obsolete X2.

Aspen will loose with just the lack of the 5MP TouchFocus camera with LED flash and front facing camera, to the Nokia E72's 5MP AF with Flash, Video call Cam and traceball (which can be forgiven coz SE has the Touchscreen)

Vivaz is the better mobile of the lot, but lacks the camera presence of the Satio owing the the weak LED flash.

Hope SE learns form its mistakes of removing vital features from its sweet looking models and bugs this year. I'll pray for SE, coz its my favorite brand which always stood for innovation and taking risk.

The only thing stopping SE is SE itself. Go SE.
On 14 Feb 17:43 GammaSharma wrote
The new technology which will be featured are mostly half-baked. Was hoping the ELSE Intuition cud be seen.

What about a Walkman X Series and PSP series of SE phones.

SE sud also look into the amazing Isreali ELSE plateform before someone else does it.
On 14 Feb 16:45 basithz wrote
when you are at the event can you ask sony ericsson "what new features will the satio get with the upcoming sodftware update?" e.e kinetic scrolling, EQ e.t.c.

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