Live TV on mobiles at 3GSM

16 February 2005 by axxxr
Working with SmartVideo, Action Engine to Offer the Power of the Internet, Broadcast TV, and Mobile Phone in a Single Platform.

Shattering the mobile usability barrier, Action Engine Corporation, the mobile application platform leader, today announced plans to integrate live streaming television into its Brand-n-Go(tm) turnkey mobile applications pack. Action Engine and its partner SmartVideo Technologies will jointly demonstrate the live television application during the 3GSM World Congress held in Cannes, France from February 14-17, 2005 in the Action Engine Mobile Solutions Center, located across from Hall 4.

"Action Engine is one of the first companies to offer the power of the Internet, TV and mobile phone in a single platform," said David Sliter general manager, services enablement, Communications Sector, Microsoft Corp. "By taking advantage of the Windows Media and Windows Server technologies and integrating their state-of-the-art solutions, industry partners Action Engine and SmartVideo are delivering the future of mobile data services to the wireless market today."

Brand-n-Go currently gives wireless subscribers access to premier mobile Internet content from providers, such as, eBay, FOX Sports, and the Microsoft MapPoint Team. Working in collaboration with SmartVideo, Action Engine will add a live broadcast TV application to the Brand-n-Go applications pack, giving users the ability to watch streaming television programs directly from their mobile phone. SmartVideo recently announced content distribution deals with national programmers, such as MSNBC and CNBC, ABC News and ABC News Now, The Weather Channel and DIC Entertainment.

"Action Engine's unique browserless client/server platform gives mobile users faster, easier and more secure access to SmartVideo's streaming televised content," said Richard E. Bennett, Jr., president and CEO of SmartVideo. "The public is clearly hungry for television on the go, and Action Engine is the right company to help make that a positive experience."

The complete Action Engine solution lets subscribers use interconnected Brand-n-Go applications to watch television programs, shop on, bid on eBay items, read news stories, check weather, stocks, and sports scores, get driving directions, find restaurants and movie times 20x faster, while using 80% fewer keystrokes than browser-based alternatives.

Additional highlights of Action Engine's activities at 3GSM include Microsoft plans to demonstrate Brand-n-Go to visitors in its Windows Mobile theater and give away free Secure Digital (SD) cards loaded with the Brand-n-Go software from Action Engine. Action Engine will also preview a European version of Brand-n-Go and discuss its 2005 product roadmap to Java phones. Lastly, Action Engine is featuring several promotions, such as the Action Engine Challenge and free smartphone giveaways, to demonstrate the superior speed and usability of the Action Engine Mobile Application Platform(tm) over browser-based alternatives.


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