LG Optimus Vu 5 inch smartphone teased

8 February 2012 by
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A short video teaser of a 5 inch smartphones called LG Optimus Vu has been published by the Korean company

LG Optimus Vu smartphone teaser

Teasers like this is excellent news for sites like ours which write about the latest buzz in the mobile phone handset industry. LG is telling us that something new is coming but not what it is. It is just a little over two weeks until the event of the year Mobile World Congress and teases like this can be vital to get as much publicity as possible for new products. 

The video clip does not reveal all details about the Optimus Vu, but what it does give away is the fact that it has a display with a 4:3 aspect ration. We are not entirely sure why LG has chosen to drop the more normal 16:9 aspect ration of favour to 4:3. 16:9 is more suited for viewing HD video clips while 4:3 is the aspect rations used by images captured by most still cameras. The display size of the Optimus Vu is 5 inch and the 4:3 aspect ration could have been decided based on the ergonomics requirements with such a huge smartphone. 


We are not sure how much we are going to weight some of the animations done in the video clip, but it looks like the Optimus Vu will be shipped with a stylus. A competitor to the Samsung Note in other words.

Is this something you would consider buying? It seems like the Galaxy Note has been a popular handset despite its very large size.



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