LG Flip II QWERTY slider with dual display emerges

16 June 2011 by
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LG Flip II, or Optimus Slider is an Android smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard and two displays

LG Dual Display Android smartphone QWERTY keyboard

LG allready has announced the LG Genesis which is a dual display model and it should be available to customers of US Cellular later this year. Today, Pocket-Lint published a couple of new photos of an unnanounced LG model for T-Mobile. This model also has dual display but from the captured photos, it seems like one of the screens are used for navigation only or just a simple placeholder for Android app icons.

The device was fist seen in the wild when Kineto Wireless and Orange announced the continous support of Orange UK's signal boost roll-out using Smart Wi-Fi. Smart Wi-Fi is a service where several 3G services can be routed through a Wi-Fi network. One of the new devices offering Smart Wi-Fi is this unannounced LG smartphone. The device name are rumored to be one of LG Flip II, LG Optimus Slider or Maxx Q

LG Flip II

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