Emergency SMS from a Helicopter

27 January 2007 by axxxr
The European Commission has selected a project called MARIUS which enables the dissemination to the inhabitants of a stricken zone of SMS alerts thanks to a helicopter equipped with a mini-mobile network.

Thanks to that technology, the rescue teams will be able to send SMS even on a zone where the mobile network is off and then will be able to send information which will facilitate rescues and save more lives.

The "Mobile Autonomous Reactive Information System for Urgency Situations" or MARIUS is a project aiming at developing a pre-operational autonomous Command Post which can be deployed very quickly to manage every type of crisis.

Laboratory testing on the system was completed during December 2006, with the system expected to have real-world testing by July 2007 in Valencia, Spain. source:cellular-news


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On 4 Feb 22:03 Andreij wrote
Hmm looks good for SAR. But I figure the battery might have been worn out before the chopper arrives.
On 29 Jan 01:10 salam wrote
On 28 Jan 23:31 wrote
I would trust no other
On 28 Jan 08:39 Nick wrote
So are they using SE phones for this

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