Bluetooth enabled panic alarm

26 May 2005 by axxxr
An electronic design services company, today announced the successful delivery of a demonstrable Bluetooth solution to allow to bring to market a Bluetooth-enabled panic alarm that operates with both a Bluetooth-enabled GSM phone and a satellite handset.

The Wireless Personal Alarm (WPA) is a Bluetooth pendant that enables the user to send an alarm, with embedded location information, to pre-selected recipients, while the user's GSM or satellite mobile handset is beyond their immediate reach. For GSM, the latest network-based location technology is used, while for satellite handsets, embedded Global Positioning System (GPS) technology is utilised.

'Fen Technology and their partners have used their Bluetooth knowledge and product development experience to help us realise this novel solution' said Dr Patrick Hartigan, CEO at Securecom Technologies.

'Fen has enabled Securecom to create a fully functional model which allows us to complete user trials and enter the final stages prior to commercialisation of this product. With Fen's continued support, I expect to see our product in the shops by Q3 this year, subject to us negotiating the best possible distribution agreements', Hartigan added.

'Fen are very pleased to be involved with the creation of such an innovative product' said Ciaran McAleer, Business Director at Fen Technology.

McAleer added 'I believe the ability of the system to Bluetooth-enable existing satellite phones and provide the same sort of service to standard Bluetooth GSM handsets, is something no-one has done before'.

Fen Technology undertakes all aspects of electronic product design, including complete system and sub-system design, together with hardware and software component design. Its design services span product concept to production, enabling its customers to get better products to market faster. Fen Technology's flexible and progressive approach allows it to react quickly to changing customer requirements.For more information: and

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