Apple App Store milestone with 25 billion downloads

7 March 2012 by
Apple this week announced that over 25 billion apps have been download from the App Store to over 315 million devices

Apple App Store reaches 25 billion downloads

App number 25 billion was downloaded by a customer in China which also won a $10.000 iTunes Gift Card. That is approximately 1000 albums, probably more than what the average iTunes customers will purchase.

The Apple App Store was launched four years ago, and it is no doubt that Apple has set the standard for how to run an app store. While we have Nokia Store (previously Ovi Store), Samsung Apps (Bada), Blackberry App World, Amazon Appstore, Marketplace for Windows Phone and Android Market Google Play Store only few of these can be called successful compared to the Apple App Store.

Apple App Store now offers more than 550.000 apps for iOS devices where 170.000 is native iPad tablet apps. The App Store is a money printing business for Apple. The company has paid out over four billion to app developers. We know that Apple keeps 30% of the revenue for each app sold and this tells us that Apple had a minimum income of 1.7 billion from the Store during the last 4 years.


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