Android is making Microsoft a lot of money

27 May 2011 by
Due to a patent settlement, HTC has to pay Microsoft for every HTC Android device sold

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"A lot" is maybe an exaggeration, but the amount we are talking about is more for Android phones than Windows Phones. The figures are calculated based on the fact that HTC has sold 30 million Android devices to this date. The patent settlement between Microsoft and HTC over intellectual property infringement means that HTC has to pay Microsoft $5 per sold device. Multiplying 5 with 30 million gives ut USD 150 million in revenue from Android devices.

According to Asymco, Microsoft has admitted selling 2 million Windows Phones licenses so far. A Windows Phone license is estimated to cost $15. The total revenue for sold Windows Phone devices is therefore USD 30 million.

Microsoft is also taking other Android manufactures to court and they are looking for $7.5 to $12.50 in compensation per Android device sold.

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razec9 years, 4 months ago
Being unable to compete head on, they decided to play with the complex patenting system to earn $$$, i'm impressed

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