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From the forum:

Sony Xperia Z2 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC ONE M8

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Posted by XperiaJunkie
Welcome to the 2014 Android heavyweight smartphone thread

All three smartphone have their pros and cons for example both Sony and HTC have superior build quality with premium materials being used i.e aluminium and glass being used in the constuction of the Z2 and a solid peice of aluminium for the HTC ONE 2014 were as the Galaxy S5 is mostly made from plastic, both the Sony and HTC both have front facing dual stereo speakers and the Samsung has one rear facing speaker.

The Galaxy S5 does win in the CPU department with a slightly higher clock speed of 2.5GHZ as apposed to 2.3GHZ in the Z2 and HTC ONE 2014. The Z2 does have 3GB of RAM while the other two have only 2GB of RAM.

Sony have the same camera in the Z2 from the Z1 so thats a 20.7MP shooter with Sony's award winning G Lens and a 1/2.3" sensor that now records video in 4K. Samsung have up the megapixel count from 13 to 16 in the S5 and also increased the sensor size to 1/2.6" and it also can shoot video in 4K. The HTC ONE 2014 isn't official yet but we do know it has dual rear cameras possibly 4 Ultrapixel each and record video @ 1080p but again nothing has been confirmed.

All three smartphones have 1080p displays with the Sony having the largest at 5.2" and uses Sony's in-house T.V tech so you get Triluminos display now with Live colour LED and Sonys X-Reaility engine on top. Samsung have a 5.1" Super Amoled display which offers superb black levels and great viewing angles. HTC ONE 2014 is most likely to use a 5" IPS display and if it is a good as last years then it will be superb.

Both the Sony and Samsung are IP rated 58 and 67 respectively so they can be used in the rain, shower and even under water providing the port flaps are sealed. The HTC ONE 2014 probably won't be IP certified as leaked images show open micro USB ports.

The list goes on and on for the pros and cons please feel free to add your thoughts on which is likely to be you're next smartphone.
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Posted by goldenface
Don't forget the built in noise cancellation of the Xperia, which will be very welcome to music buffs.

Posted by XperiaJunkie
Yep that's another thing the Sony have over the other 2 and with the HTC ONE 2014 no longer having the Beats audio tech it will be interesting to see how they have kept up the audio quality.

Posted by XperiaJunkie
anybody else think that the 2600MAH battery in the HTC ONE 2014 is rather small only 300MAH up from last years model and the screen has grown by 0.3" as well.

Posted by Tsepz_GP
Not quite sure what the point of this thread is but okay.

Well don't forget the Galaxy S5 has:

A Heart Rate Monitor that has the S5 being considered for medical equipment use
Finger Print sensor that can be used by 3rd part apps
IR Blaster

Why hasn't the LG G3 been added here?
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Posted by XperiaJunkie
Its for 2014 models only LG will most likely release their new flagship in the summer and as we know nothing about it yet it isnt included.

Posted by Gitaroo
heart rate monitor can be done on other phones too, may not be as accurate, but its there.

Posted by Tsepz_GP
One can also get a pair of headphones with active noise cancellation, so where are we going with this?

I'm not sure how I feel about these early 2014 flagships, think I'd rather get last year's Galaxy Note 3 if I had to get a phone now, performance wise I can't see them being any better than it and feature wise, the Note 3 still seems to have the best package, especially in terms of software.

If one is a Sony fan the Z1 is still decent.


I think the Note 4, Z2S/Z3, and LG G3 will be the exciting devices this year, especially with the S805 and possibly Exynos 6.
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Posted by XperiaJunkie
^ I agree with you personally I think Sony should of called the Z2 the Z1s as it isn't a major update. The galaxy Note 4 blow the S5 out the water as all previous Note models have as far as LG goes all that was missing from the G2 for me was a micro SD slot otherwise would of been a great device. HTC have fixed that issue on the ONE 2014 edition lets hope LG do the same. Roll on IFA 2014 thats all I can say.

Posted by Tsepz_GP
+1, indeed!
I was so excited for MWC only to find that IFA is the one to look forward to , it seems 2nd half of each year is when the great HW arrives, last year we had a flood of S800 devices, which makes sense as the iPhone and new Windows Phone devices also arrive at that point and the holiday quarter falls in that half.

Posted by miromiromi
i think the z1 name is really unplanned. they just needed to use that name to bring out a less than perfect version of the z2 to the market.

if you notice other flagship names, they never have a "1" name. in the case of samsung, it's s then s2, s3, etc. there's no s1. same thing with lg, htc, and the iphone.

maybe they wanted to introduce z2 back then but they still couldn't perfect the technology. that's why they just used the z1 name.

Posted by XperiaJunkie
The people who are likely to get the S5, Z2 and other 1st half year flagships are people who are ready to upgrade their contract or just want what is currently the best smartphone you can get. I can't imagine many Z1 or S4 customers upgrading as there would be no point I personally normally get every Sony flagship on release in the UK but I will skip the Z2 and see what Sony bring to the table at IFA the Z2 as good as a phone it is it just feels like a stop gap until we get the next big flagship later in the year and I think the same for the S5.

Posted by AbuBasim
All three phones have microSD slots AND KitKat... Not a combination that makes for happy users (link).

I won't be updating my Asus NPFI to KitKat when it comes out in Q2 unless this 'problem' has been solved.

Posted by XperiaJunkie
So the HTC one 2014 is nearly upon us but all of its specs have been leaked here is another confirmation of the phone anyone impressed or disappointed

Posted by XperiaJunkie
So now the HTC One M8 is official the main talking point is the Duo Camera which alllows for greater depth perception to create bokeh effect. The main camera is the same as the HTC One a 4MP 1/3" sensor and but they have removed OIS and there is no 4K video recording (bot the the Z2 and GS5 have it) which is looking like it will be a main feature amongst flagship devices in 2014.
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Posted by Tsepz_GP
Uugh, all 3 make me want to
2014 has been rather boring (smartphone wise), the Z2, S5 and One 2014 are like facelifts of their predecessors, I hope the 2nd Half of this year is more exciting, as right now, I feel like I could go cold turkey on smartphones.

Posted by XperiaJunkie
I completely agree with you and I think the most disappointing release so far is the HTC One M8. They have had a whole year to learn from the mistakes they made and the only thing the corrected was adding a micro SD card slot. All the camera tech isn't that impressive and your standard shots won't look any better than last years model. It might do well for people who love HTC but I can see them struggling again this year with their latest flagship.

Posted by ascariss
I don't understand why HTC didn't go for a larger sensor, guess it would have made he bezels or the size of the phone larger. Is the resolution really 4MP? or is this just the final resolution after pixel binding if it is occurring?

I wonder who still makes a 1/3" 4MP sensor? Sure it has bigger pixel size but having a low resolution, 4MP is not enough, 8MP is minimum I feel, especially for 4k and printing out photos.

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