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From the forum:

Sony announces Xperia Ion 4.6 inch Android smartphone

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Posted by laffen
After the separation from Ericsson, Sony announces its first mobile phone in 10 years. The new 4.6 inch Sony Xperia Ion has a 12 megapixels camera a dual core CPU, and it runs Android Gingerbread
Esato News

Sony Xperia Ion announced 

Sony is back as a player in the mobile phone industry. Sony Ericsson is no longer with us and the new devices are now branded with the Sony logo again. AT&T is the US is the first operator to have a Sony phone in the portfolio. Well, the Sony name is subject to regulatory approval. Sony Ericsson has not done very well in the US where released handsets showed up later than in the rest of the world. 

Sony has chosen AT&T as the first partner for the refreshed brand. Julst like the company did when Xperia Play was announced in the US. The first Sony branded Android smartphone is the Sony Xperia Ion. The Sony press conference where the Xperia Ion will be held later this evening, but AT&T has already unveiled details about the new handset.

Sony already has a familiar logo. So does Sony Ericsson. Things seems to have been done in a hurry, because one of the illustration images shows a device with the Sony logo on the front and a green Sony Ericsson logo on the backside of the Xperia Ion.

Sony Xperia Ion front back

Xperia ion from Sony highlights

Sony Xperia Ion

Sony Xperia Ion 

Sony Xperia Ion will be available on AT&T in the second quarter this year.





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Posted by litemint
Too bad, only on US release only.

Posted by Bonovox
Only US & no ICS?? Nice design & specs though but surely a European version is coming??
[ This Message was edited by: Bonovox on 2012-01-09 20:29 ]

Posted by Arne Anka
Bonovox, it says

•Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system. Upgradable to Ice Cream Sandwich in 2nd quarter 2012

Posted by Bonovox
I know but I thought all this years handsets would come with it out the box

Posted by maki101
What do you think, does it going to be a no US version of the ION, or maybe some different design with similar spec for the rest of the world?

Posted by Bonovox
I should think there will be.

Posted by goldenface
So by the sounds of things will be ensuring the 2011 Xperias will be receiving ICS before the new phones arrive which is a great and wise move.

Very nice looking device and it wouldn't surprise me if another version found it's way outside the US.

Posted by mustafabay
So in the video it looks like its a Sony Ericsson Ion. Notice the Xperia below the display while the photos say Sony. And the only time we see the real phone its held a weird way that covers the part above the screen.

Posted by Bonovox
Will this have an SD slot cos I read one or two new Xperia's won't?? What's the logic behind that??

Posted by goldenface
I was just reading an interview with Hirai and he implies that they are still to come up with a final name for the mobile operation:

Q: What's the future of Sony Ericsson now that Sony bought Ericsson's stake in the mobile phone business?

A: Subject to regulatory approvals, we will come out with a company name and some other fundamentals. That's not going to stop our ability to bring products to the market.
[ This Message was edited by: goldenface on 2012-01-09 21:51 ]

Posted by NightBlade
Someone please tell me this beauty is coming to Europe!!!

Posted by Bonovox
Why have they announced a US model first??

Posted by lolstebbo

On 2012-01-09 23:00:33, Bonovox wrote:
Why have they announced a US model first??

Because AT&T's announcement occurred in the morning. Sony's announcement is in the evening.

Posted by goldenface

On 2012-01-09 22:55:23, NightBlade wrote:
Someone please tell me this beauty is coming to Europe!!!

I hope so, it looks sleeker than the Xperia S from the pics.

Posted by NightBlade

On 2012-01-09 23:09:27, goldenface wrote:

On 2012-01-09 22:55:23, NightBlade wrote:
Someone please tell me this beauty is coming to Europe!!!

I hope so, it looks sleeker than the Xperia S from the pics.

That aluminium back... hubba-hubba..

Posted by Bonovox
Looking forward to seeing the HD display cos existing Xperia displays are good enough but a HD display would beautiful!!

Posted by Supa_Fly
Um ... typo "•1 MB RAM, 16 GB Storage" you mean 1 GB RAM I hope!!

Posted by goldenface
Xperia ion white paper confirms MSM8260 chipset, 1900mAh battery and microSD card slot

[ This Message was edited by: goldenface on 2012-01-09 23:53 ]

Posted by Bonovox
Excellent above all manufacturers this is what i want a Sony with the best specs and hopefully good camera.

Posted by Oogamous
The designers at Sony are freaking magicians. They manage to maintain high standards of gorgeousness on all their top end Xperia phones.

Posted by razec
I don't know why, but i have mixed feelings with the design this time, It doesn't have the stand out look like the Arc S, and the back portion is pretty depressing (maybe it'll be much better when seen personally), and its sad to see that the dual front is dead, sorry, but on the brighter side Ion's design is still better than the crop of iphone lookalikes from Samsung
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Posted by amnher
ALso here. No Ericsson just Sony Xperia

Posted by Caspa
There you go, Sony throw a bit of money at the JV / Mobile division and produce the goods...

Posted by mrjulius
Great and unique design by sony. WOW and great specs to. and the price will be WOW to

Posted by muhdbunahmad
The RAM is 1 GB not 1 MB. Please correct it. :se:

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