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blakberry bold keyboard fault?

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Posted by SonyBoi
Hello, recently my brothers old blackberry bold has been playing up and a few keys didnt work properly, so he decided to change the inside keyboard membrane and now them faulty keys work fine, but have developed another fault..a few keys type in 2-3 times when pressed in once, will someone tell me what the problem could be. He exchanged the membrane by looking at a video tutorial on youtube and did the same thing except didnt use alcohol cleaner to clean the inside, just a damp cotton bud.

pls help.

Posted by SonyBoi
Please help.

Posted by tranced
Apparently there were two problems. Try to clean them with the cotton bud.

Posted by SonyBoi
That is what he used
[ This Message was edited by: SonyBoi on 2010-12-17 16:43 ]

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