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C905 WiFi Fix?

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Posted by ash999

I Bought my C905 off Ebay, it came from China and would not browse the internet or send those nice pics.

I flashed it with:


It took some doing but I finally have all the settings done and I have everything on my phone working beautifully except for the WiFi which shows a mac address of 00-00-00-00-00-00 and searches but never finds a network.

I found this post on another forum:


Here you go guyz

Save the below code as customize_upgrade.xml using notepad.

Use fsmanager script to access phone's filesystem. Copy to
tpa/preset/custom. WiFi should now be fixed.



Try it !


Has anyone else tried this? If so how do you access the file system of the phone and put in this script?


Posted by ash999

Okay I found my own answer.

I downloaded a2uploader and used the file system tool to drag and drop that script.

Phone is working as it did before with the exception that my WiFi now has a mac address.
It's still not finding any signals though.

Posted by rkalloo
maybe the wifi chip is broken
one of my friends had that problem with iphone

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