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Sony Ericsson Hazel J20
ModelSony Ericsson C905
Form factorSlider
Weight136 gram
Dimensions (HxWxD) 104 x 49 x 18mm
Operating SystemOther
Networks2G - 850/900/1800/1900
3G - 850/2100
LTE (4G light)No
WLAN / Wi-FiYes
Wi-Fi HotspotNo
Wi-Fi DirectNo
SMS/MMS/Email Yes/Yes/Yes
HDMI outNo
USB portYes
Bluetooth versionNA
GPS/Glonass Yes/No
3.5 mm audio connectorNo
CameraYesExample photos
Camera resolution8.1 Megapixels, autofocus, face detection
Image StabilizationNo
BSI sensorNo
Camera Flash/LightYes
Flash typeNA
Video recordingYes
Video capture resolutionNA
Second CameraNA
Display size2.4 inches
Colour displayYes
Number of colours262,144
Display resolution (WxH) 240 x 320 pixels
Second DisplayNA
Memory160 Internal. 2GB on included Memory Stick Micro (M2) card
Micro SIMNo
Dual SIMNo
Ringtones / Music file formatPolyphonic
FM RadioYes
Power management
Battery950 mAh
Standby time (h)540
Talktime (m)380
Wireless ChargingNo
Browser2.0 XHTML, HTML
Predictive textYes
RSS readerYes
PC SynchronizationYes
Price history
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NA = Not Applicable. No data available

By carlos4400 on Nov 02 2011
Sony Ericsson C905

Display: is right and big for sony standards non tactile phones.
Interface is fast enough. also can be customizable in many ways.
Loudspeaker is loud. no problems hearing it. Also call quality and reception are on the good side.
Camera: . Xenon saves the night! if u take most of your pics at night then is right phone for you. specially if you dont snap many portraits. pics of rooms or objects up to 2,5 mts away come out with enough light. The interface for the cam is also quite good.
Keypad is good. has nice feedback and is big enough.
Wifi works ok.

Camera: pics in general lack contrast and dont look nice. when you look closer theres no much detail. at least noise is not much of a prolem. at night if you take snaps of people then they will all look yellowish. video quality is not as bad as its size.
Sound: if you plug headphones (after getting an adaptor that is,since none comes included) the sound you get is just mediocre. not loud not clear. and when megabass is on, it simply gets too bad.
phone has a few cracks here and there.

I think for being a flagship the c905 is not a good one. many things users look for in a phone on this price range are simply not there.and the main selling point on the phone, the camera, is a failure, simply because the quality it delivers is not good at all.

2 (out of 5)

By carkitter on Mar 07 2010
Simply Stunning

Camera, User Interface, Accelerometer features, Build quality, Media player, Screen, Connectivity, Apps, Slide Mechanism... Everything really.

Umm... It's actually quite hard to find a fault with this phone. Perhaps they could have included the ITC-60 TV-Out cable in the box instead of as an added extra? Other than that, nothing.

I bought this brand new, pink C905 in March 2010 for my girlfriend's birthday. She was blown away and so is everyone else who has seen it. It connects to our home wifi network and browses the internet or downloads Google Maps. It streams audio to our SE bluetooth speaker. It takes GREAT photos with endless settings and amazing features like Face Detection and Smile Shutter (how does it know?) There are heaps of shortcut buttons and more shortcuts in the toolbar which make this phone very simple to use.The included themes are good and some even work with the accelerometer - very cool. It is made in China (like my girlfriend) and is just as good looking and elegant as she is with its chrome highlights and svelte curves. :-)We've had no problems with buttons or software; we requested the shop flash the phone with an Asian firmware which includes Simplified Chinese text input and my girlfriend says this is very easy to use - better than on her old Motorola SLVR L7.The Media player is intuitive and pictures look good while sound is the best I've heard from an SE phone. Photo DJ and Video DJ add that extra bit of customisation for your media and are highly under-rated IMHO. There are apps such as You-tube, Google Maps and I just downloaded Opera Mini 5 Beta for it this afternoon.Overall we are very pleased with this phone. It does everything we expected and more, works perfectly and looks good too.

5 (out of 5)

By mkt019 on Jul 08 2009
the C buttons

very good camera!!!

I bought this phone from ebay just like doneo50 and have same problem.. The c button is totally not functioning..
Anyone know what I can do.. tried to contact SE directly and by email but never got an answer from them.Next phone will definately be a Nokia.

do not buy this phone.. It has cool features, but its a crap

3 (out of 5)

By doneo50 on Jan 07 2009
the 'C' button

advertising looks good, although couldnt test it fully as my C button doesnt work.

i bought this phone yesterday from ebay, i liked my 770i sony so thought i would get anothe, but top of the range. im a car mechanic and when i got the phone i thought ,if cars were built this way then they would not last more than six months...the keyboard is tacky and cheap the battery cover very flimsy then i read on the box 'made in china' typical sony must be raking it in.. and to cap it all my C button wont function at next phone is going to be a nokia,how can they charge so much for this piece of crap!!!

dont be fooled into thinking this is a well built phone its nothing short of crap quality.
sorry sony ive just blown 300 hundred quid i could have had a nice weekend away on that...!

2 (out of 5)

By sibluenose on Dec 18 2008
C905 Cybershot gem from Sony Ericsson

*8.1 camera with Xenon flash and great features such as face detection.
*Built in GPS.
*Built in WIFI.
*Decent screen size with sharp display and intelligent orientation feature.
*Great looking phone that is nice and small considering the features.
*Menus etc the same as previous Cybershot phones for familiarity.
*Easy connection with PC (though I needed to remove the previous SE PCSuite that came with my K850).
*Large data capacity via M2 memory stick micro.
*The notes in the organiser can be much larger than before.
*Design and build attributes of a genuine quality product.

*No flashlight in the organiser menu (I used this a lot on my previous phone). *Limited to memory stick micro (the K850 could also accommodate a micro sd). *Apparent earpiece problem (lots of reports on forums).
*Battery life limited to around 2 days.
*No pin for std headphones.

I am really pleased with this phone. I have had the K800, K810, K850 and liked those too. The things I look for in a phone are a small size (relative to features of course) with a decent camera. I made the error of getting a Viewty after the K810 and this was a mistake for me. I found it a bit chunky and wasn't used to using the menus etc. I swapped it for a K850 and was glad to be back with the SE brand that I was used to using. The C905 is a great improvement on the K850, and I was happy with that! I use the camera a lot and find the macro settings come in very useful (for taking serial numbers etc). I use the SE PC suite regularly to connect to my laptop via bluetooth to syncronise with outlook. I find the notes particularly useful to store website log in details (I use a variety of passwords and a simple code reminds me which one) and WEP keys etc. Occasionally I use the phone to download emails too but in general I view those via web pages, (I expect to do this more than I did with the K850 if I can connect to a WIFI station). I tend not to use the phone for emails as a rule but it is nice to be able to do it when required. The settings in the built in email client are easy to configure if you know your server details.I like Sony products, whilst the camera on this phone is no match against my camera the results are more than adequate, and in the right format to set as wallpaper on a PC in widescreen format. I always have my phone with me whereas I only take my camera with me when I expect to use it; this phone ensures a decent photograph is always available. I have not used the geo tagging facility on photos yet but next time I go trekking in the Lakes I'll be sure to do so.The MP3 player is great. I don't bother with the bundled player but instead just play files in their native MP3 format. I have not used the headphones that came with the phone but I had a W800 and I still use the headphones that came with that. When I'm on holiday (the only time it ever really doubles as an MP3 player) I plug alternative headhones into that attachment. I would have liked to have had a direct means of plugging earphones straight into the phone instead of using the cumbersome attachment required; take note SE designers and get this right on your 10 megapixel model in a couple of years time!Video playback is great, films converted to 3gp format play fine and the smart facility of getting the correct orientation when the phone is tilted is brilliant and works better than it did on the K850.I do not use the GPS for navigation yet as this requires a data connection. I will start to use it as soon as it can communicate with a downloaded map that can be zoomed in/out and is preloaded on the phone's memory stick. Doubtless this will be available soon if not already. My old Acer PDA with built in GPS could do that so I'm sure it won't be long till C905 owners are doing the same. I have read on numerous forums that there are lots of phones being returned due to a faulty earpiece. This is not good but as I have not had this problem I am hoping it is limited to a certain limited batch. I have registered the phone with SE so I hope they will be proactive in notifying users of potential faulty phones rather than just replacing returned products (but I won't be holding my breath). This is a great looking feature packed phone and I am glad I have got one. I am pleased with the battery life considering what a powerful tool this really is. I hope I don't get that dreaded earpiece fault thought.

5 (out of 5)

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