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Vodafone, my story so far

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Posted by lukechris
Hi all, yet more problems.
As some of you will know, I got 3 faulty samsung jet's. Every single time my family had to waste a day waiting in for the delivery .After this I was blackmailed into spending more cash on a satio, she said pick any phone and because of the inconvenience you can have it. I picked the satio, she put the order through, then told me that its an extra 50. This one never turned on, so I got a replacement handset. This one was unreliable, and would not stop crashing. They then said once c
again I can pick any phone. I laughed and was put through to a manager which I eventually came to an agreement with. I could pick any phone and they will give me 50 of credit. I instantly picked the hd2, and it has developed a small fault now. I was told its nothing that can be sorted over the phone and it will have to go in for repair, but he said it could take weeks. I simply asked for another but they dont have any, so I asked for an alternative handset, the HTC Magic, a decision I regret making. It's not yet been despatched but I'm wandering if its to late to cancel it?

Thanks for reading hope your not to depressed now lol.

Posted by Bonovox
Oh dear. So the new handset is on its way? If you have had this many handsets i do not think they will accept cancel cos you have had so many now. If this one is not faulty i do not think they will let you send this one back now because you may not want it. Bad luck so far eh

Posted by lukechris
It's ok and sorted now. Thanks

Posted by Miss UK
I had 2x Faulty E65's when I first joined them I had enought and sold the phone
though cos Vodafone kept fobbing me of lol

my current phone hasn't had any problems at all,
I have noticed that Find and go doesn't work something Vodafone already know about, the app isn't suitable for the phone so they say.

anyway hope you like your next phone and it works right

Posted by lukechris
I sent my HD2 in for repair in the end. Got a refurb back yesterday (so not mine), and it seems that the phone came out of the white box they send it in (because its not big enough). Therefore, it was let loose in a plastic Royal mail bag. Its now all scratced to glory, and as you will probably know, Vodafone have no HD2's in stock. The woman on the phone said that we have no HD2's and also no parts, so we cant give you a new casing. All they can do is offer me "a similar phone of a similar value", however, theres nothing that Voda sell now that interests me, and only the X10 in april, so I don't know what to do now.
Any help with what to do now would be great.

Posted by jcwhite_uk
I would tell Vodafone that you want to leave as you havent received the service you should have.

Posted by lukechris
Yeah I honestly think I will. As from the massive paragraph above, the service I have recieved so far has just been shocking, bad for the tiny bit of rep they had anyway

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