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yet another "unlimited" data discussion - was: whats wrong with o2 retentions

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Posted by larry 68
Am due an upgrade on my K850i, so today i walked into CPW to play with some handsets.
CPW Salesman offers to upgrade me to Satio with o2 free on 30 month tarriff, 5 more than I pay now
or Orange same price but with unlimited txt and nice big data allowance.

So move on a couple of hours and I ring retentions, guy checks and offers me phone for a nice one off price of 220
WTF , no budging even told me to get it from CPW as they will never offer to match that.

Are they mental ? whats best number to ring and how many times will I have to call before I get someone to talk sense.
Very miffed right now.
BTW it was over 24months.
Seriously considering Orange right now as reception is pants at home, I was cut off because of low signal twice whilst in queue to retentions lol
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Posted by larry 68
Well just an update to say, o2 really are hit and miss, had another go at retentions today and got the same old, 220 and 35 a month offer for the satio.

Tried again 10 mins later and got a different guy trailing the new tariffs and voila, free satio, 600 mins ,1000 txt and unlimited data for 30.

Wonder how many people fell for the 75 a month tariff they where selling it on last week

Posted by Daedalus85
I have no idea how on earth you managed to get such a good deal out of them, but O2's prices are sky high right now. It sucks. CPW and O2 are different companys, hence, hello? Different prices

Posted by Bonovox
James you been quiet. Have you got a new job out of O2 yet?

Posted by Daedalus85
Not as such, was moved to a store 25 miles down the road and given enough overtime to make it full time hours, but even thats starting to disapear now with cut backs. Moved into my own place as well, so haven't had as much time for anything these days really.

In regards to the company, personaly? I think the whole things going down the pan. Don't want to say too much, I'm all to aware that they read this forum.

Posted by etaab
I got my Satio 2 weeks ago from CPW, free phone, 30 p/m over 24 months, 600 mins, unlimited texts.

Btw when they say unlimited data, it isnt. Its 500mb per calender month.

O2 are next to useless when it comes to contracts these days. Dont bother going through them to get an upgrade. The best place is usually CPW. I went in expecting to walk away disappointed because O2 only supported the iPhone (thankfully Orange have it also now) over the past 2 years, but when i told them the Satio was now available on O2 they checked their computer and found it so. Within 10 minutes i walked out with a Satio for free. Unlocked and unbranded. Not bad at all.

Lastly, you do get more for less these days due to the recession and competitor networks all wanting your guaranteed finance over 2 years. So im paying 10 less p/m and getting double what i was getting back then. Oh and a free top spec phone.

Posted by Bonovox
O2 the biggest network making millions and making cut backs. Seems no one is immune.

Posted by Daedalus85

On 2009-11-03 10:06:39, etaab wrote:
Btw when they say unlimited data, it isnt. Its 500mb per calender month.

It seems to only be on this forum people assume this...

It's unlimited. Unlimited is just that. Unlike other networks (anyone looked at Orange's paltry 750MB/month limit on the iPhone?), we don't have a fair usuage policy, but an excessive usage policy. It means that if you use it for connecting your phone to your PC to use as a modem, consistently downloading HUGE files or generally using it so much you start to affect other paying customers using the network, thats when they'll be having words. Until then, browse to your hearts content.

Posted by Nanu
I have "unlimited" data on both my O2 and Orange contracts, I have received texts from O2 telling me "you've gone over your data allowance on your mobile. you need to cut down or get a bigger Bolt On to keep using the internet" I have yet to be scorned by Orange or exceed their paltry limit as I have with O2, and I use the Orange device more......

Posted by etaab
Its not an assumption. Its a fact.

Even the O2 bolt on for unlimited internet has a 500mb limit. Therefore the word unlimited is misused by the operators.

Like Nanu has said, he has received a text before from O2. So have i when i had the bolt on. After 2 weeks of regular but not over the top use i had used up my 500mb allowance. If you like to browse full (not mobile versions of) websites such as facebook which are often a couple of megabyte in size 500mb of allowance is rather paltry. I can use up 500mb in a week on facebook alone.

Daedalus85, i dont intend to be offensive when i say this but for someone who works for O2 then you should know this. My experience of O2 and all mobile phone retail sales people is they very little understanding of the network they work for and the handsets they are responsible for selling. If the data is unlimited, then why do O2 send out such texts ? why do O2 put a clause into the small print of the bolt on service or in the small print of any point of sale within their stores or places such as CPW or P4U ?

Posted by masseur
guys, haven't we had this "unlimited" discussion several times before with exactly the same comments and lack of agreement

...but isn't this topic actually about O2 retentions and their lack of consistancy?

Posted by nicv27
Blimey you lot must be on your data plans all day i use a bold on o2. I hardly make any calls but am on twitter and Facebook daily so much so that i empty the battery on a daily basis. Prior to this i had a 3g iphone and used it to the same extent and in nearly 2 years have never once received an excessive usage text..

Posted by Bonovox
Yes we discuss again. To clear things up i spoke with a friend in an O2 store near me. She said even the new pay and go text and web tariff IS unlimited. You just get warned of any over the top usage. So if pay and go is unlimited so will be contract. Cleared up. Ok

Posted by etaab
Like masseur said, its good to keep on topic. But then i had the same unlimited web discussion with O2 in recent months when they called me. So heres my story.

I took out a 12 month contract in January 2008 for a Nokia N95 8gb. After a year had gone by back in January 2009 O2 called to offer an upgrade. I told them i had heard about the announced N97 from Nokia. Obviously not released until June 2009. They promised me that come June i would receive my N97 and to keep paying my contract since they could not offer me a decent replacement which lived up to the N95.

Then the retentions department called me to offer me a new phone in August. I said i wanted the N97 which i had waited since when it was released in June. They said they would not be offering the N97 and have no intention to do so.

I then pointed out to them they promised me the phone upon its release way back in January. The poor retentions rep on the other end of the phone had no idea what to say. He apologised on behalf of O2 and said the retentions rep should not make promises O2 cannot keep. In other words they had me paying 40 per month for nothing. I should have stepped down to a 30 day simplicity contract but needed the extra minutes.

And now for the data footnote. As a way of keeping my custom i demanded O2 include free unlimited internet at no extra cost. They wouldnt, but said even if they did it would still have the same 500mb usage limit. So unless something major has changed at O2 in the past 2 months since that phone call my opinion based on what O2 say when i call them, what CPW tell customers when setting up new contracts, when you read it on point of sale material in stores, when its posted all over the O2 website, when its in all terms and conditions, well then my opinion is that O2 do not offer unlimited internet as people can claim.

Phew, long post for such a damaged pc keyboard as mine !

Posted by Daedalus85
We've all always been told what I said above, so what else would you like me to think? We've even researched it as we've had customers kick up as much as a stink as the people on here, and we've found out to show them.

The possibility it those of you getting the texts may be on an older version of the unlimited web bolt on, prior to the iPhone. One of Apple's stipulations was that O2 make unlimited truly unlimited, so they did.

Posted by etaab
But the retentions dept told me this well after the 3GS came out. Its still on the O2 website..

Its still in the shops point of sale material and in all terms and conditions..

Or maybe its true and O2 just dont want anyone to know in fear of people crippling their network with always-on 3g connections ?

Posted by Daedalus85
Lol, I'd love you to show me where it is in our POS and out T's & C's then.

Posted by etaab
Lol im not trying to disregard what you're saying as though its false, but everything speaks otherwise.

Ive just checked the O2 website to see if their policy has changed and found something worse:

O2 Web Bolt On

The O2 Web Bolt On allows you unlimited use (subject to this excessive usage policy)...

... If O2 reasonably suspects you are not acting in accordance with this policy (including where you use an atypical volume of data as compared to normal users of the O2 Web Bolt On, which will normally be less than 200MB of usage within a one month period), O2 reserves the right to impose standard browsing charges (see http://www.o2.co.uk for details), impose network protection controls which may reduce your speed of transmission, remove the O2 Web Bolt On from your account or disconnect your tariff at any time, having attempted to contact you first.

So now its 200mb per month ! OMG !

see O2 T&Cs
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Posted by Nanu
So if Oranges 750mb is paltry what is the 200mb O2 ?
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Posted by etaab
About 2 hours of full facebook browsing !

Anyway back to topic as i think im annoying masseur too much.

Posted by Greggy
Bonovox so your saying the new 15 tarrif will give u 12000txts ( if u changd b4 31 oct) and UNLIMITD web. And people on the old 10quid tarrif u have to pay 7.50 for the web bolt on and get 500mb. Theyd be an outcry. I think u or your friend is wrong i rung up 5 times and each 1 said there was a 500mb limit

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Posted by Bonovox
It must be right because so many people say on here and i believe what James says. Also not just my friend who works in the store i did ask in another store just being curious. They said the same thing its UNLIMITED but with excessive usage if you over do it. I sometimes wonder if store staff and customer service staff always say something different. But i am fed up with this discussion its becoming stale now.

Posted by Greggy
ok ive just spoke to a manager at o2. he says its definately 500mb. Ive just toppd up a sim i ordered frm an add in the paper. Ballances say 12000txts and 500mb. Payngo has always had a limit. U get a warnin text when u approach the 500mb limit. If u go over it u get chargd

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Posted by Daedalus85
Right, let me put this a simple way.

I've been doing this for 7 1/2 years now, and outside of you lot, not a SINGLE O2 customer has EVER, EVER, told us they've been texted/contacted by O2 in regards to reaching any kind of limit.

So on the website or not, some manager in another store or not, I have never, EVER had a single customer mention this to us.

Myself, my collegauges, and all the staff in at least 5 stores are all in agreement that it is unlimited. That's what we've been told, that's the info we've found out for ourselves, thats the response we've had from our customers.

That's my input, there's clearly little else I can add to this discussion to stop you all worrying your heads off.

Posted by Mr Miyagi

i have tried to stay out of this thread as you only need to see my previous threads about this, which this argument has been brought up time and time again. I am pretty tired of explaining the same.

However as Daedalus85 has said. Unlimited is Unlimited subject to excessive usage limit, does not matter where it says everywhere else. When it comes to prepay yes that might be the case a 500MB limit. However if it is even mentioned anywhere that a limit exists, that is just probably mentioned to stop people over abusing the usage that O2 gives. But as I said it is subject to excessive usage and O2 will never cut anyone off without having a word with them first of all. So feel free to use the internet as much as you want, until you get a call from O2 regarding hitting any excessive usage policy.

I think now this thread should be locked now. As I am getting sick of tired of having to repeat the same as Daedalus85 and what anyone else with our view is saying.

Also to add as a final note, if you really think a limit is set at 250MB or 500MB then simply pick a network that you do feel gives you unlimited access without any limit. I will be interested to know if anyone comes across a network in the UK that will do this. But once again as I have mentioned its unlimited subject to excessive usage.

p.s some links for you to look at:


look at the bottom where it says on that link:

UK data usage only. Excessive usage policy and terms apply. View details

O2 Web & Wi-Fi Bolt On terms & conditions
The O2 Web & Wi-Fi Bolt On is available to all new & existing Pay & Go customers with a compatible handset.
Use of the O2 Web & Wi-Fi Bolt On is subject to an excessive usage policy as explained in point 3 below.
The O2 Web & Wi-Fi Bolt On allows you unlimited use of O2 UK's Edge, GPRS, 3G and HSDPA networks,

The Cloud's UK Wireless LAN network and the BT Openzone UK Wireless LAN network, for personal internet use and email. All usage must be for your private, personal and non-commercial purposes.
You may not use your SIM Card in any device to allow the continuous streaming of any audio / video content, enable P2P or file sharing or use them in such a way that adversely impacts the service to other O2 customers. [b]If O2 reasonably suspect you are not acting in accordance with this policy O2 reserves the right to impose further charges or disconnect your tariff at any time, having attempted to contact you first.

To OPT IN to the O2 Web & Wi-Fi Bolt On send a free text message containing the keyword "WWW" to 21300 or call free on 2425 from your O2 mobile
One month minimum term applies. To OPT OUT send a free text message containing the keyword "WWWOFF" to 21300 at least 48 hours before the next payment is due or alternatively call free on 2425 from your O2 mobile.
Benefits of your O2 Web & Wi-Fi Bolt On apply to use in the UK only.
O2 Web & Wi-Fi Bolt Ons apply to GPRS WAP but not Circuit Switched WAP. You must have a compatible handset and your SIM must be GPRS enabled in order to use the O2 Web & Wi-Fi Bolt On.
You must have a compatible handset in order to use Wi-Fi.
If we are unable to deduct the monthly payment for the O2 Web & Wi-Fi Bolt On from your calltime balance, you won't receive your Bolt On monthly allowance. We will deduct the Bolt On monthly charge from your calltime balance within 15 minutes from your next top up and will then reinstate your Bolt On. This will be your new anniversary date. Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for your free Wi-Fi access to be reinstated.
Please note the O2 Web & Wi-Fi Bolt On cannot be used in conjunction with the WAP 500, Browse & Download, O2 Web or O2 Active Browsing Bolt Ons. If you opt into the O2 Web & Wi-Fi Bolt On we will automatically opt you out these incompatible Bolt Ons and the change will take effect at your next anniversary date
You must have a minimum of 17 pence on your handset balance in order to make a GPRS connection in the UK.
If you are on a tariff with 1mb of free browsing each month, the 1mb allowance will be used first
General Bolt On Terms & Conditions apply. See http://www.o2.co.uk/terms for details



@ Nanu maybe O2 needs to update any automatic sms they are sending to you then. As I have never got a sms like that. If I did. I would refer O2 to the terms and conditions which is available to all members of the public. As I have posted above.
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Posted by Bonovox
There you go listen to the man who knows

Posted by Nanu
Just in case there is doubt, oh and outside of Esato I'm a member of the general public, these texts do exist.

Posted by Nanu

On 2009-11-04 21:05:34, Mr Miyagi wrote:
its unlimited subject to excessive usage.


Posted by nicv27

On 2009-11-04 21:12:16, Nanu wrote:
Just in case there is doubt, oh and outside of Esato I'm a member of the general public, these texts do exist.

Blimey thats quite impressive.... so you use your data plan daily, But for How Long?

Posted by Nanu
@nicv27 as you know Android is continuously syncing during the day plus I tend to use twitter from time to time, a few Google searches and Spotify, I never had anything like this until I took out a new 12 month contract with O2 in September, if this continues I will end up wishing I hadn't renewed!

Posted by Bonovox
Over a year ago when i had my old number on O2 pay and go i went over the 500mb limit once. I was over using the Google Maps on satalite view. I did not recieve a warning text but my credit just vanished. Since then i have zero idea if its changed with the limit but frankly who cares as its been discussed too many times and i am now with Orange

Posted by etaab

On 2009-11-04 21:05:34, Mr Miyagi wrote:
Unlimited is Unlimited subject to excessive usage limit, does not matter where it says everywhere else.

Thats such a classic thing to say ! i'll be using that quote for years to come !

Unlimited with a usage limit !!

So its not unlimited then. Also it does not matter what it says in every single part of anything to do with O2 as mentioned above - its all false. They just put it on the website, instore signage, send those sms saying so just for a laugh !

On 2009-11-04 21:05:34, Mr Miyagi wrote:
When it comes to prepay yes that might be the case a 500MB limit.

The most important word in that quote is might

Thats just typical of a retail sales employee - guess work !

See, this is what i cannot understand and the part which is still on the original topic - why has O2 told me only recently from their retentions department that there is such a limit. And ive always been on contract since 2005 !
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Posted by Mr Miyagi
Etaab if that is what retentions are saying to you, then why don't you ask them why the website terms is saying one thing and they are saying something else?

I called up customer service and retentions the other day myself and I never got told of a limit. I got told exactly what is on the website. I think someone is telling a few fibs here just to make up an argument when you got no strong facts in relation to what you are saying. However my information is from O2 themselves after talking to them, and the same information that millions of O2 customers are viewing on the O2 website terms.

Posted by Daedalus85
See this is why I rarely post these days? I give up, it's like trying to reason with children. Mr.Myagi, I suggest you do the same to be honest, neither of us are going to get through to these people.

Posted by carkitter
In New Zealand we long for unlimited data plans but the networks steadfastly refuse to provide them for just these reasons: Customers can't reconcile unlimited with 'fair usage".
When the iPhone 3G was released plans included 250MB, 500MB or 1GB but the last two belonged to very expensive plans. Finally after a lot of customer requests, media pressure and the release of two new iPhone compatible networks, Vodafone has decided to give iPhone plan subscribers like me 1000 MMS + 3GB of additional data free per month. This deal was supposed to end after 3 months on Sept 30th but has been extended indefinitely.

Even with 3.25GB available on my iPhone (and yes this is available for tethering too) I struggle to use more than 800MB even when I try to use it all up.

Would you guys prefer a 3.25GB allowance per month with additional charges over that or an unlimited plan that may be vague on just what excessive usage is? I've always wanted unlimited but frankly, what I get from VodafoneNZ is more than satisfactory.

Posted by Bonovox
3.25gb nice!! Thats more mobile broadband amount. Oh well anyway i say no more on this issue now its getting silly.

Posted by etaab

On 2009-11-04 23:30:08, Mr Miyagi wrote:
Etaab if that is what retentions are saying to you, then why don't you ask them why the website terms is saying one thing and they are saying something else?

But they're not. The retentions told me there is a 500mb usage limit. The O2 websites also states this to be so, in fact as i said above if you follow the link for some reason it now says 200mb per month. Also when i walk in my local O2 shop, the staff tell me the same. The point of sale signage also says the same - in the O2 shop, in CPW, in P4U, on those shops websites aswel. Its in the terms and conditions of my current contract which i took out only 2 weeks ago (even though i declined the bolt on) they still outlined this fact. Customers on PAYG and contract both receive that SMS about going over your allowance - including me !

So after all that evidence you still maintain O2 its completely, fully, undisputably, 100% dead-on-ballls accurately unlimited ?!? People are not imagining this. How can even attempt to tell someone that something they see with their own eyes is not real ? its everywhere !

I find it offensive that after barely logging onto Esato this past three years until recently it can be suggested im attempting to fabricate evidence to simply cause an arguement. Possible reverse psychology here and it is you people attempting what you're suggesting of me. Ive not been around for 3 years to see your previous discussion on this subject so i have no motive to try to string it along for a ride. I just go on what i see, what im told, by sms messages ive received - everything. You admit yourself unlimited does not even mean unlimited. So why argue is it when you've admitted it is not !?

Posted by Bonovox
I see your point and i believe you. I think this is strange

Posted by etaab
Cheers i appreciate the fact someone believes me !

Posted by Greggy
Heres an idea scrap all this fair usage cobblers. And give contract users a fixed 3gb. And then charge a quid for every gb they go over. So every1 knws where they stand

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Posted by larry 68
So seeing as I now have my Satio with unlimited data Lol
Am going to stick my head out and ask roughly what that means in terms of usage, not 200 - 500mb etc. Im talking time when browsing and general use. never used data on phone before so genuinly have no idea .
Not into facebook or twitter just want to maybe download the odd app or browse iplayer etc.

Wish I'd never started this thread lol

Posted by Bonovox
Browsing iplayer is via Wi Fi so thats not part of the unlimited plan. Its also not about how long you spend online its how much data you send and recieve. You can check it in your data counter or check your bill usage online. But O2's billing systems is so far behind checking your usage is always days behind.

Posted by etaab
It sounds like you're not a heavy user so the limit is probably no problem for you at all.

Just use the phones log to keep an eye on what you use when it comes to connecting online via o2 rather than a wireless access point.

Posted by fluke9
I have unlimited data plan on O2 and I am a heavy Youtube google maps and anything else I can download view over the unlimited plan never had a text or anything, I was told unlimited so feck em if they think I will pay anything for going over unlimited.

Posted by etaab
Are you on contract ? and if so do you have a limit on your bill ?

Im starting to think the reason why there is so much difference of opinion is maybe because for some O2 customers it is unlimited, and ones like me its not. Possibly only NEW customers to O2 get it unlimited, whereas someone like me whos been on contract years have a limit.

Maybe O2 dont want people like me to notice new customers have it that way. It wouldnt be the first time something like this has happened.

Posted by fluke9
Yep on a contract.

18 months (7months in), 600 mins, 1000 texts, unlimited internet.

In the paperwork that came with it it just states fair usage, with no mention of any limit.

Youtube, MSN, emails loadsa browsing, I would use BBC iPlayer but O2 don't support streaming it.

Posted by Nanu
OK so on Thursday I get a warning letter sent out from O2 telling me I am excessively using the data and that if it continued I would get another text and would be cut off from GPRS, yesterday my data was cut off without any text messages from O2 so today I rang them, I have "excessively" used 250MB yes you read that right 250MB not 250GB or 1GB or 750MB 0r even 500MB but I have been cut off for using 250MB in one whole month, which according to O2 is 50MB over my limit on my "unlimited" data plan.

So I asked, seeing as there is a limit on my "unlimited" data plan can you provide me with a way of checking how much data I have used each month as there is no way to check via the web or by sending a text to 21202 as that doesn't include data, she replied "no sir, there isn't...." so how I am supposed to check I am keeping within to 200MB limit if I cannot find out from O2??

She then went on to tell me I must be careful these next 2 months as it could lead to being permanently cut off from data, so I told her O2 had best be careful as I will be ringing Oftel and Monday and asking how they are getting away by selling "unlimited" data plans with limits and no way of monitoring your own usage.

It would be far better if they played straight and sold the bolt on as a 500MB limit, with the next at 1Gb then 3Gb and so on, as had I have known beforehand there was a 200MB limit I would have shopped around before signing a 12 month contract with them. 2 months in and I'm already regretting it.....

Posted by Bonovox
This is wierd. What are you using to use that much data anyway? I see your point on it not being unlimited

Posted by imazz
@nanu while reading your post I thought you must be on PAYG. reading further I see you are actually on a contract. You can see your data usage online, it is in the recent usage section.

Posted by Nanu

On 2009-11-15 13:48:00, Bonovox wrote:
This is wierd. What are you using to use that much data anyway? I see your point on it not being unlimited

That much? LoL it's only 250MB.......... I use twitter, email, spotify, you tube, BBC iPlayer and I upload some photo's to Flickr other than that not much!

O2 asked me if I had been downloading movies, all because I am 50MB over my limit, that's 1 album of music at a decent quality.....

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