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Is laffen PoWeR-TripPiNg with his thread closing?

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Posted by EddieAdams
By closing threads the don't meet the "laffen seal of approval." Way to get new users to the site by closing first time poster's threads asking for help before they even get a single response because their "title wasn't descriptive enough" for the mighty laffen....seriously.. even if they're getting help here comes laffen for the kill...




Posted by laffen
The forum search engine could be improved and it is on my to-do-list. But having a forum where most topics look like this does not make it easy for newcomers to find what they are looking for. At the same time, it is mostly new members starting topics with titles like this.

The four lines of text on top of the New Topic page says:

Is this so difficult to follow these guidelines?

Posted by jack00
i think that this is a good move to improve the quality of the forum
some members just need to learn it the hard way

Posted by brix25
What's been annoying many posters in the regional threads of late have been the Moroccan posters. They are known to flood a thread even if their discussion has nothing to do with said thread. Ppl need to read up on the rules because if they don't it makes the esato experience bad for other folks.

Posted by masseur
as many members will confirm, I also often edit topic titles to improve their description of the topic. If its in a language I don't fully understand, I remove the post and send the contents of the post to the member and ask them to re-post with a more descriptive title.

Thats my way of doing it. laffen's way it to be a little more visible, which may seem like power tripping, but it gets the point across to more members. This is a standard moderator job on any forum! if we didn't do this we'd end up with many topics each day titled "help", or "help me" or "k850" or "driver" etc. etc...

Still, its a thankless task and I guess not alot we do gets appreciated and members will always find something we do to complain about

Also, believe me that the issue with the Moroccan members is not slipping us by. Brix25, I'm sure you have noticed that I have been removing such discussions that take over topics as you describe, including the South African topic (and others). Sometimes I have had to remove a page or more of posts! Other action is also taken to control their bad behaviours so it is improving (slowly)

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
Don't worry Masseur, I think the majority of us are thankful for the work you guys put in round the place.

Posted by yea g
It is his forum. He pays all the costs of it and manages it all, so its only fair that he gets to choose what is and is not allowed here.

Posted by carkitter
^^^ Seconded.

I think you'll retain your most loved member title. We greatly appreciate your efforts.
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Posted by Muhammad-Oli
See that? Us New Zealanders know.

Posted by carkitter

BTW, the thread you are complaining about turns out to be a continuation of the issues you have in this thread. Couldn't you have just carried on in the first thread? I think you've created the whole problem yourself.

Posted by masseur
aw shucks!

anyway, hopefully this topic has brought more awareness of the need for good topic descriptions

Posted by lukechris
i agree. if you were a regular forum member you soon learn to hate the people who do write 1 word titles. it gets to be a pain in the bottom after a bit

Posted by Tsepz_GP
Too bad you cant the say same about your rugby team. 31-19.
Yep we appreciate the hard work that goes into running this forum,it realy is a very unique experience you get here,i wish there were more constantly active members though, otherwise its a well run forum,and like any other will have a few buggers tryna screw it all up.

Posted by goldenface

I'm sure laffen was acting in the best interest of the forum as a whole.

Please don't take it personally. I've had some of my overtly smutty threads deleted completely! (With good reason by masseur).

If you haven't felt the strong arm of masseur before, let me tell you, you haven't lived!

Posted by Muhammad-Oli

On 2009-08-04 21:49:26, GUCCI.011 wrote:
Too bad you cant the say same about your rugby team. 31-19.

Haha. Nah the All Blacks have been rubbish lately. Kind of given up on them myself!

Posted by MWEB

On 2009-08-04 00:36:32, jack00 wrote:
i think that this is a good move to improve the quality of the forum
some members just need to learn it the hard way

Damn right, high profile moderation is sometimes required, for the overall benefit of everybody!

Posted by hihihans
Something like you need 10 posts before you can start a new thread ? Or 5 days after subscription ?

Posted by lukechris
no that's stupid everyone would be spamming everywhere trying to get 10 posts and like me i signed up to start a new thread for help

Posted by hihihans
You're right . Thought of that also after I pressed post. How about /€ 1 fee ? This will stop spam, but will kill Esato in the end.

Posted by masseur
did you also think about that before/during/after you pressed submit?

How would that be enforceable since we have no financial information about each member, and even if we did, why would such a silly idea even be considered by a friendly forum such as Esato?

lets get real please and not turn this into a garbage topic with suggestions like these last couple

its clear that members have to take responsibility for their own posts, not just in topic titles but also in what they write in each post they make

Posted by hihihans
Responability is rare thing nowadays. But you're right, I was just cleaning my mind. And no, I don't think I would subscribe for €1 . btw I still love it here. Glad I joined after a few years of reading only.

Posted by shadowin
People can't learn without difficult ways. Some members don't deserve even registrationt. Moderators are definitly right!

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Posted by jack00
esato is a too large forum to really control the quality
but what you could do is reward quality(if they are helpful or very informative) posts
the reward could be shown in a simple counter next to the users post
"User X has been thanked Y times"
i have seen this already in another forum and it works quiet well
but i guess it would mean i a larger software update

Posted by hihihans
Did Laffen change tactics ? I saw a post or 2 he edited, while he could close 'm down due to forum rules.

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