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[C902] Doesn't detect memory card (M2)

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Posted by Thijs_Rallye
Hello to you all,

[introduction story]
My girlfriend recently bought a SE C902. (about 3 months ago)

At first she experienced some sound issues, for example, when I rang her, it sounded like she was talking to the phone from miles away. Switching to speaker mode and then back again usually resolved this problem and the sound was good.

I recommended her that she would return the phone to the shop to have it checked up. She agreed and put her phone into her handbag to drop it off at a big post office for sending it back to her provider. (KPN, Netherlands) I tried a firmware update at first, but that didn't help.

Now what happened, while she had the phone in her (way too full) handbag her display cracked. Since I know a thing or two about sending stuff for warranty repairs I knew for certain that they would claim the sound problems would be caused by dropping the phone, since the crack in the display looked like it was dropped.

So I decided to exchange the display with a new one in which I amazingly suceeded . (thanks to formymobile)
[/introduction story]

Anyway, back to the actual problem.

Now everything works brilliantly, except the damn thing won't read the M2 memory card. Unfortunatly I haven't checked if the phone read the memory card before I exchanged the display, so there is no way I can tell for sure if the problem was present before.

The phone says that there is no memory card inserted, but it's definately in there! PC reads the card perfectly. I've tried with a couple of M2 cards I had laying around, but all of them aren't recognized by the phone.

Does anyone have a tip or trick I can try, because I'm afraid if we sent it out for repair they probably are going to whine about the exchanged display.

Greetz from the Netherlands!


Edit: checked with my girlfriend... The phone read the memory card prior to the first update, after that I haven't checked untill the display was exchanged...
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Posted by chandu17
Hello mate after i had read all the story you provided
Im thinking that the phone is dropped down for more than couple of times and at that instant the "copper contacts" that were present im the memory slot were misplaced from the chip "or" problem might be with the software,
flash your phone to latest version.

Posted by Thijs_Rallye
Thanks for your reply.

I know for a fact the phone hasn't been dropped at all. It got jammed in her handbag between her wallet and who knows what she's carrying in that bag . (bricks or something, guessing by the weight )

The contacts are perfectly aligned to the M2 card.

I've already tried flashing it after I noticed the card wasn't detected, you reckon I should try it another time?

Do you perhaps know the latest firmware version available for Western Europe?

grz Thijs

Posted by chandu17
I dont know but
Try to clean the M2 contacts of the phone. Then try it and reply me.

Posted by aquared29
try your m2 insert to other phone, if it works then phone is the problem

Posted by Thijs_Rallye
@chandu, that is one of the first things I tried, but I didn't mention them in the first post since it was so obvious to me . Cleaned them with a glassfiber brush and some alcohol. (medical spirit or what is it called?)

@aquared, that already has been tried off course. The cards work perfect in the PC, my old K800i and C905. So I know for sure the cards aren't the problem. I've tried with the 2 GB one supplied with her phone, a 256 MB one and a 1 GB one from Sandisk.

grz Thijs

Posted by chandu17
So what else?what would you like to do next?my advice is to flash your phone to newer version.

Posted by aquared29
ok then,
agree with chandu,

Posted by chandu17
Hi thijs did u flash your phone? is the problem rectified? If the problem still persists ask SE for replacement.

Posted by chandu17
Hi thijs did the problem rectified?

Posted by aquared29
maybe he's done

Posted by chandu17

Posted by adhgklk
Hi people! I have the same problem Thijs_Rallye with my w760. It have falled like 3 times but it never gave that problem until the last 2 weeks and it happened suddenly. But i detail that i see is that when i turn ON my phone it recognize the m2 but like 1 or 2 min later it no longer recognize, also any aplicacion the failed when i try it to install from my phone internal memory...

I have flashed 3 times, but tomorrow i will put and old firmware so SEUS let my update it. Also SEUS dont give me the repair option to repair it...

Other thing that is happening since last week is that some buttons DONT work when the phone is closed/down, but they DO work when the phone is open/up, there i put a pic showing which bottons are the ones.. Another thing is that 3 days ago any aplication that i tried to install it failed, i dont know why(i had those same app instaled before i flashed the phone and they worked perfectly)...

(all the buttons circled in red are the ones that dont work when the phone is close/down)

Any suggestions??
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Posted by Thijs_Rallye
Time for an update...

I've given up on the thing and I've sent it in for repair. I hope they don't see that I've replaced the LCD myself.

For information: I've flashed it about 3 times, but still the card won't be detected. Also a couple of buttons are starting to fail every once in a while, so then I thought, time for warranty claims!

grz Thijs

Posted by marzuk
Clean with a rubber or WD40

Posted by atif089
I have the same memory card problem with my c902 as adhgklk.. It works for 2 mins when I re insert the card then goes off..

The problem started when I updated my phone to latest firmware r3ea038 a month ago..
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Posted by jago25_98
So, we think it's firmware? -thus, a downgrade might do it?


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