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C905 Wireless (Wi-Fi) not working

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Posted by jarge
My C905 Wireless is not detecting any networks.
It displays "Searching" and does not say No Networks Found anymore. It just sits on Searching.
Any ideas why this is happening?
It has work in the past.

Posted by goldenface
I can only suggest updating your phone via SEUS to see if that would iron out any issues.

Posted by Lyceum
Mine does exactly the same, it'll do that for weeks then just start working again. SEUS update has no effect. It's been the repair center three times, each time listing this wifi fault an it hasn't been fixed.

Posted by Atholl

I've had this too - it can't find any networks, although it has done in the past. It started working after the last SEUS update then stopped a day after and hasn't worked since.

I've seen suggestions of taking the battery and SIM out for a few minutes to fix this, but it hasn't worked for me.

This must be a software issue?

Posted by meja.sg
I have same problem... Is there any kind of fix? Thank you...

Posted by kutmaster
same problem. I had R1DA032 firmware, searched for forums and found that MAC is the problem 00-00-00-00-00, but it was fixed in new firmware. Now I have R1FA035 FW, but no improvement.

i found the settings of wifi in c905 filesystem:


it's the same and in R1DA035 FW. Maybe that is more hardware fault ?
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Posted by meja.sg
Same problem... ((( What to do? upgraded to few softwares and still not working...

Posted by antoni077
hi everyone!
I have the same problem, searching is going and going but never find the network. I tried to update FW, but it hadn't help. Aso MAC address is
now My FW is R1FA035.

Posted by kutmaster
i sent my mobile so sony ericsson service. they said that can't fix this problem.

Posted by bledina
where is the wifi antenna in the phone?
my C905 went back last july for the earpiece problems and when I got it back, wifi wasn't as good as it was before, and actually so was the gps (not that the gps was great before). And my phone just went back to the shop because my screen started acting up (works fine when the slider is closed, but it's totally screwed up when it's open).

could all these problems be linked to that same flexcable in the slider?

Posted by jeanger02
it seems that C905 has a lot of issues on its functionality

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