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Esato upload tool ? With photo filter?

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Posted by panonski
When I was uploading with esato upload, some of my last pics with many noise,

I notice the pic on screen is much better with less noise then original one....

I was really surprise when I realized that is not my eye mistake... Why ?

Is someone on esato want the pics look better or is just some other kind of "effect" here?

take a look the same pic closer...

Here is my pic on other site.


and this is esato one


take a look another one. CROP original


And this is esato one...


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Posted by chombos1
no man.

it's not a filter.... it's because of the high compression that is used by the esato image's (IN THE FORUM'S POSTS).

for getting the original quality you should upload your pics in the photo section.

and then use their address in your posts.

Posted by panonski
well, there is a difference ...

I just ask...

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