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From the forum:


Blackberry on Nokia E61 - I am going insane!

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Posted by April Dancer
Hi all

Apologies if this is discussed elsewhere - my frazzled brain couldn't see anything on this topic...

I have a Nokia E61 on o2 and have just had Unlimited Blackberry added to my contract. Now, despite solid days of websearching I cannot find one simple document to tell me what to do next and CPW and o2 were useless.

According to my phone, Blackberry is installed but it's not coming up in any of the email settings at all. Do I need to do it through the computer? Do I need to download software? Does anyone know?

At the moment I'm accessing Gmail through the standard email route but can't see how to change it to anything else at all.

Oh, and I'm on a Mac, and I've got a horrid feeling this is going to need a PC...

Sorry for the rant but any help would be appreciated - I've been trying to work this out for days and I'm not usually defeated by technology

Posted by fatreg
i did it on an E70 without a pc..

am a mac user also..

you downloaded BB connect from nokia on ya phone?

if so you need to go to

http://blackberry.o2.co.uk or whatever the BIS address is for O2 and register with ya username..

ya E61 will give you a BB pin.. input that into th BIS website et voila!

Posted by April Dancer
Hi Reg

Thanks for that - I'm a big step nearer now! One problem seemed to be wrong BB software on phone so now have correct one and it says it's switched on.

My big problem now seems to be where to get the PIN. Have used what is supposed to be the PIN, on the box etc but it won't play ball.

EDIT: OK, found that. Now the website won't let me set a password. Someone up there doesn't want me to do this...

[ This Message was edited by: April Dancer on 2007-05-05 18:29 ]

Posted by fatreg
if i remember correctly you have to register on windoze...

I had to fecking install boot camp for it!!

Posted by Mr Miyagi
The Pin should be under the battery or behind your phone when you lift the battery cover. Thats where the pin is for blackberry devices and I am sure thats where the Pin is for the nokia blackberry device you have.

Go to this site: http://www.o2email.co.uk/

click on new account

Tick the accept terms and conditions box

then type in your PIN as i said should be on the back of the phone itself, and then your imei.

Once logged on to the site, you will be able to add your other email accounts like yahoo etc and it should be up and running on your blackberry device.

Posted by April Dancer

That would explain the sheer awkwardness of the process. Visiting my brother this evening then...

Thanks for your help, Reg. I'm nearly there...

Posted by Mr Miyagi
April_dancer its a simple set up, have you gone onto the site i advised?

Posted by fatreg
ahh there we go a link for the o2 site

your pin wont be under the battery as he is using a nokia device not a BB..

but the bb app will tell you your pin


Posted by Mr Miyagi
oh if its not on the device, then on the box as it says on that site. lol yeah reg thats the site for O2. I should know this stuff, i recently got trained on O2 and Blackberry with o2 recently, but dont have all me material with me right now to explain everything, only remembered the site that u go to now lol.

Posted by fatreg
that's all cool though..

i know the rest!


where tmag when you need him eh!?

Posted by April Dancer
Thanks Mr Miyagi. I've tried to register on that site. But when I try to enter a new password it only comes up with a message telling me the password needs to be between 6-16 characters blah blah and it won't let me go any further despite any number of password combinations.

Reg suggested I need to do it on a PC rather than a Mac so I'll try that later. Hopefully it should work then.

Posted by Mr Miyagi
Blackberry does support Apple Mac, you should not have a problem with it. Regarding password, not too sure about that. If you signed up with O2 through a O2 retail store, call them on 0870 586 0860.

If its O2 online then call them on 0870 600 3009.

They should be able to assist further, ask to be put through to the Data Support team regarding blackberry unless that advisor you speaks to can help you.

If you signed up through O2 at CPW, which I highly advise people not to, cuz der cust service is crap lol, well if you signed up through them, ur best givin the number on the bill a call, and see what they say.

I don't really like CPW O2, cuz we get a lot of problems from ppl who work for them. lol

Good Luck

Posted by April Dancer
Thanks Mr M

Had the joy of joining CPW about a month ago and you're right, their customer services are rotten. Shop wouldn't deal with adding Blackberry and phoning took 3 days worth of attempts and about 17 CPW representatives. Oh well, too late now... Just have to hope to goodness I don't need to phone them again.

Posted by Berry
You wont get Desktop Manager to work on a Mac. I have a Mac and i can log into the BIS site for O2. Just use Firefox not Safari. Its great when i occasionally resend the service books...

There is also Pocket Mac - New verison on free download available, although i dont use it.....

P.s Fatreg - You would have got me if you had PIN'd me
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[ This Message was edited by: tmagberry on 2007-05-05 21:11 ]

Posted by fatreg

I'm so not that clever...

Posted by April Dancer
I finally got it all working. Thanks a million - I would have been going round in circles for weeks without your help.


Posted by batesie
Nice work guys ;-) another problem solved by the A-Team

This message was posted from a WAP device

Posted by fatreg
A team batesie?

we are the crack team.....

but aye glad to see you got it working..

welcome to the world of BB

Posted by regniled

On 2007-05-06 01:11:19, April Dancer wrote:
I finally got it all working. Thanks a million - I would have been going round in circles for weeks without your help.





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