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WIDGX Competition ( Win tickets to the Tokyo games show )

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Posted by axxxr
Just to announce that WIDGX is running an Amazing competion in which 3 Tickets are up for grabs for the Tokyo Games show in Japan!

All in all their are 10 PRIZES to be WON!

First place: a VIP pass for the 23rd and 24th and a T-Shirt
Second and third places: normal passes for the 23rd and 24th and a T-Shirt
Fourth to tenth place: a T-Shirt.

This competition is open to everyone*; all you need to do to win this fabulous prize is to print out a page containing our logos and take a photograph that clearly shows the printed page in the most creative and ambitious place you can.

For example, you could get a celebrity to hold the page or you could affix the page to well-known landmark.You can download a page containing our logos from: http://www.oxygen-inc.com/images/logocomp.gif

To enter, email your submissions to tgs2006competition@gmail.com by the
closing date, which is 9pm GMT on the 12th September.

For more details about the Tokyo Game Show and important information for
attendees, please visit: http://tgs.cesa.or.jp/english/

Good luck!


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Posted by fatreg
do i assume flights are included or do i have to get myslelf to tokyo and back?

i've to get myself to Tokyo and back... maybe i wont enter then!

still a damn good comp mind you..


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Posted by axxxr
Unfortunately the prizes do not include flights or accommodation in Japan.

Posted by amnesia
However these tickets make a good collectors item if you cannot make the trip, or you could go the extra mile and sell them.

Sadly we're not supported enough to afford giving away Air Tickets.

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Posted by axxxr
excellent....looking good!

Posted by amnesia
this competition ends today.

Posted by amnesia

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