The Real Banana Phone from LG

5 April 2007 by axxxr
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LG makes my dream come true by releasing an actual banana phone,its purely built with ergonomics and handling in mind.

LG must have heard our cries for a Banana style phone because they have finally listened us and announced the LG-SV80, it has 142MB of internal memory, a MP3 player and has a 1.3 MP Camera and dimensions are 4x48x23 body and a weight of 105g.Unfortunately this banana phone seems like a Korean release phone only for now but it might wing over to our european shores if annoy the hell out of LG with the Banana Phone song!

I'm sure most of you would have heard the catchy tune that is Ring,Ring,Ring Banana phone by now,well if you haven't then you can catch it here in esato forums source:akihabaranews

LG SV280
LG SV280
LG SV280
LG SV280


On 16 Apr 14:00 ALI wrote
I like it. Its very ''CUTE''
On 9 Apr 11:24 Jhilon wrote
Color also should be like banana.
On 9 Apr 10:51 OzkanOzturk wrote
LG sux... poor design poor quality...
On 9 Apr 00:28 rrronson wrote
it already exists.. remember Nokia 7650?
had no banana ipod bullshit styling but same ergonomic handling
On 8 Apr 18:18 bob wrote
its ugly
On 7 Apr 13:53 Aamir wrote
On 7 Apr 05:47 globe wrote
cute! i like it
On 7 Apr 03:51 keight00i wrote
wow... good enough to eat! not bad eh... simple, clean lines
On 7 Apr 01:13 Taikira wrote
I like it so much!!!!! :p
On 6 Apr 12:59 holland wrote
motorola done this before
eg with z3 and z8
On 6 Apr 06:24 Residentevil wrote
Now that is really a reason to go Bananas.
On 6 Apr 02:45 chris wrote
hello bananas mad
On 5 Apr 21:23 TFT wrote
This is so bananular LOL!
On 5 Apr 17:14 Alex wrote
thants a reeli nice design...LG are getting hot
On 5 Apr 16:40 cragzh wrote
ye the nokia was the one they used one the matrix. what a dated phone it is now
On 5 Apr 16:11 Frankie wrote
Does no one remember the Nokia 8110 banana
On 5 Apr 15:56 cragzh wrote
wonder what the reception is like on the bannana? and to answer do you peel slowly :)
On 5 Apr 15:50 DoctorMantis wrote
Motorola beat LG to this with the RIZR Z8, a slider that curves slightly when opened (like a banana?). It was announced at 3GSM 2007:
On 5 Apr 15:17 ali wrote
This phone is very nice i like this phone
On 5 Apr 15:00 neonismo wrote
Hey!.. Thats a cool, quirky concept! I like it. I wouldn't buy one, though.

People in Korea must be mistaking banana's for phones all the time :)
On 5 Apr 14:55 Delta9 wrote
Ring Ring Ring Ring, BananaPhooooone.
On 5 Apr 14:52 Geek wrote
Nice banabas... for horny bitches... hehehehe
On 5 Apr 14:45 sefan wrote
142mb is a bit odd...
On 5 Apr 13:58 Turboy wrote

LG are Bananas!

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