Samsung Introduces another Slim Slider E900

4 May 2006 by axxxr
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• LG Optimus 7 E900
• Samsung 4G LTE
• Samsung Ativ S
• Samsung Champ Neo Duos GT-C3262
• Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus
• Samsung Galaxy Beam
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From the forum:
Samsung introduces a glossy and agile slim slider,the SGH-E900 for the European market which has touches of the LG chocolate phone about it with the touch sensitive keys.

The E900 comes in a delicate black and slate two-tone color, emphasizing its stylish look. The stylish design and artistic details perfectly matches the simple and elegant look of the E900. This GSM slim slide-up phone is expected to reinforce Samsung’s premium image and cutting edge technology.

Featuring an innovative touch key for quick and easy control, the E900 has been designed for simplicity and convenience. The handset’s sleek touch-sensitive control pad seamlessly compliments the E900’s intuitive dual interface, which automatically distinguishes music mode from talking mode. With the navigation key button in the center surrounded by touch keys around the outside, the layout gives an elegant look and illuminates only the necessary buttons for simple navigation and limited accidental button touching.

The touch pad also highlights the simplicity and convenience of E900 and allows the mobile to have a sleek and polished surface as it eliminates the need for excessive protruding buttons. Therefore, the E900 introduces not only a minimalist design but a satisfactory user interface to its consumers.

The E900 also adopted a new user interface known as the ‘Black UI’, which differentiates and concurrently shows the sub menu list from the main menu and highlights fonts for optimal viewing and convenience. The icons present sophistication and simplicity on the black or white background with highlighted colors to enhance users' accessibility with a preview of menu contents.

The E900 combines both shiny and matte black materials for an elegant look. The keypad also features two vertical metallic lines in the keypad for a more sophisticated look. At a mere 16.5 mm in thickness and weighing only 93g, the E900 provides its users a slim and compact form that perfectly fits in the palm and easy to slide up.

This tri-band handset with EDGE multimedia technology offers 2 megapixel camera with flash and video recording feature. The SGH-E900 also presents Bluetooth, USB and 2.05 inch 262K color TFT display to enhance its features. The new user interface is well-incorporated into the E900 for vivid 3D message, MP3 background play, power zoom, and even a video caller ID. It also supports external microSD memory for additional storage.The E900 will be launched to the Europe and Russia/CIS market in May.


On 6 Sep 10:27 Wisam wrote
I think this phone will put the D600 to shame, most of the ladies love this phone, beside it looks much organized then any other samsung mobiles, i am getting mine soon :)
On 2 Aug 18:15 roysingaproe wrote
it does look sexy, if only it comes in chrome or matt gold!
On 9 Jul 02:30 graham wrote
come on man all u people going to buy a sony ericsson really need to rethink as sony ericsson wouldnt know style if it clobbered them over the head their phones are like bricks
On 30 Jun 20:36 souliman wrote
Hello does any body know where i can buy the chrome backside en inside because i have the black one and the chrome is beuatiful haha
On 30 Jun 01:48 ibrahimyounossi wrote
i am a big fan of samsung phones thats why when ever samsung lounches a new phone i am the first to get it in copenhagen these days e900 is my new friend ill hope samsung gives me new friends every year
beat wishes
On 28 Jun 23:06 sheel wrote
this phone is the best first i had a d500 it was the
best then came the d600 i then got that and i thought that that they cant release a better phone but i was wrong this over takes it by miles it makes the d500 look like trash and the d600 look the the garbige bag and it looks so cool
On 26 Jun 23:17 SonnyLove wrote
I previously owned a D600 and thought things could not get better. Well guess what? Things just got a hell of a lot better. The touch screen which takes a bit of getting used to at first really does make this phone a true upgrade from the D600 with futuristic edge. Not only that it also just feels sexier in the palm of your hand. TRUST ME GET THIS PHONE NOW ! !
On 26 Jun 14:19 whatevatreva wrote
this phone is absolutely stunning, can't wait to get mine tomorrow! it costs £249.99 for a pay as you go and i'm getting mine at the value price of £29.99 a month from o2. take my advice, GET IT!!!
On 24 Jun 19:41 OMAR wrote
On 21 Jun 13:05 ummarjudge wrote
I want this phone but me can't get one! me broke, I mean broke, penniless, i'm wearing the same t.shirt for 3 months, dat's how broke I am. Can anyone lend me theirs! thanxs blad!
On 20 Jun 22:00 anon wrote
does any1 no the prices of these phones becuz im planing 2 get 1 !

i meen itz all in a phone u cood ave eva wanted u no wot i meen blad!
i have 2 say dis but itz beta dan da motorola razr series all of them!
there r probaly in the £100-£150-£200-£250 range dontcha think???
On 20 Jun 21:49 anon wrote
i want it so badly it so beautiful omg i cant wait 2 get mine
On 17 Jun 16:57 unknown wrote
its nice, i like it very much
On 14 Jun 13:15 Vincent wrote
Ziet er goed uit, ik ga 'm halen.
On 5 Jun 21:03 snaman wrote
im looking for a new mobile... one with a good camera, video recorder, stylish and mp3 as well as the rest...

is this phone any good and does it fulfill my needs
On 3 Jun 22:53 Nath wrote
Had a look at this phone in the shops today and the camera is alot better than I was expecting, very clear and detailed. I was waiting the the K800i but I might get his instead now.
On 2 Jun 23:56 moi wrote
Le Samsung E900 c'est fantastique.
On 30 May 21:36 BrandyMilk wrote
who ever designed this phone should really be proud of themselves. Samsung, in my honest opinion, make the most stylish of phones but this phone really is the cream of them all. i hope it hits the catelogues such as Littlewoods, Grattan and Kays because i'll buy it. it really is a must phone.
On 27 May 13:10 unknown wrote
do not deal with those nigerians, they're cheaters.
On 8 May 22:36 markmorgan wrote

i will like to know the condition of this item cos i want to get this item for my clark for her birthday..and want to know if you can ship this item to to hear from you the mode of payment for the item.but i myself will love if you can consider paypal as the mode of payment.get back to me....get back to me in my email address
On 7 May 11:04 mohammadkalim wrote
i loves thes kinds of phones hbut the only probleme is that when these sets are down from any place it makes
a cause .so do any thing for it
On 5 May 18:02 SEfanatics wrote
basically, most SE are designed to provide easeness in usage. unlike other who make phones "luxurious" but doesn't provide high ERGONOMICS!
all of samsung phones have crappy interface similar to motorola. the interface doesn't look convincing.
but this absolutely a good phone in terms of design, of course, flawless slider mechanism.
On 5 May 13:37 sonyericssonnotgood wrote
these people must have not even touched a samsung before...those sony ericsson fans...not good...they dont know what premium is
On 5 May 13:36 jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wrote
like...w900? p990? k800? man...those w/p/k fans dont really know what fashion, luxury and style is...
On 5 May 09:49 Helao wrote
Looks nice but i prefer the user friendly's amazing.
On 5 May 05:49 laddi wrote
sonyericsson p990i is very beautifull phonel

On 5 May 00:40 Del wrote

Wait for samsung to release the D870.
On 4 May 23:06 Xugaa wrote
very very nice, though not so good on specs. but like 'antichrist', i'm still greatly looking forward to getting a k800!
On 4 May 23:03 CRaul wrote
looks extremly sexy. If Samsung could lounch a phone like this with SE's multimedia capabilities and camera I would shurely become a samsung fanboy :)
On 4 May 22:14 antichrist wrote
it's nice, but i still prefer SE k800i
On 4 May 20:25 JuniorinJamaica wrote
I actually like this. Bout time they revamped their interface too!

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