P990 Wins Smartphone of the Year

4 November 2006 by axxxr
Three wins for Sony Ericsson in Swedish mobile award show including,Smartphone of the year going to the P990i.

The Swedish magazine Mobil held its annual mobile award show Mobilgalan on October 26. On the same occasion they also celebrated the 50-year anniversary of the mobile phone in Kista Science Tower, Stockholm, Sweden.

The prestigious award Guldmobilen was given in 18 different categories, the winners selected by readers of Mobil. The award for Smartphone of the year went to Sony Ericsson for UIQ 3-based P990!

Sony Ericsson also won for Camera phone of the year for K800  and Music phone of the year for W850. mobile article (swedish) source:uiq



On 8 Nov 20:43 OzK wrote
Since I put the global update 2 on the phone it hasn't been too bad. But the truth is that the phone still requires rebooting once every couple of days. I have to say though, although I was thinking of ditching the phone it has so much functionality and useful software that I couldn't bear swapping it for any other phone now!

The software will become perfect for the phone especially given that Sony has just bought out UIQ (big news!!! - Now that you have so much power please do sort the software out!!!

Its made my life easier and is a smart piece of it for smart business people...

SE - Good job on creating products unique from the rest of the market. oh and please bring the 5D roller wheel back!

Samsung - The phone of choice for women.
Motorola - Ideal for 'chic' (you know what I mean) men
Nokia - Too obvious and man are the new ones big!

On 6 Nov 21:58 AMEN wrote
On 6 Nov 16:54 DarknessFalls wrote
This is quit hilarious!!! :D I do recall the HTC TyTn getting an award for best Smartphone of the year not so long ago. But then again, that wasn't some swedish corrupt magazine that said so, hehehe. I wonder where in the world a phone as crappy as the P990 could ever get an award for anything, let alone the Crappiest Smart Phone ever. Even thah would be an overstatement.

Trust me, I'm one MuchoBig SE Fan, but the P990........ehhh....Forget 'bout it!!! ;)
On 6 Nov 16:21 bangsters wrote
i still have the my fiancea nokia n80....boy i would not exchange my p910 for the n80....i mean it's niceand all, bu it does not suit me.... can't wait to upgrade to the p990i :)
On 6 Nov 08:30 kcdt wrote
Not worth to say, SE tecnical support not responsive and can not be contacted most of the time. I owe P990i but nv get their response at all. Thumb down:-(
On 6 Nov 07:21 po wrote
this THING should be awarded as worst not so smart- phone of the year! poor ppl who bought them.. after waiting more than a year, what they get is a beta version expensive phone..

On 6 Nov 00:20 whitelighter wrote
its simple, its a smartphone for smart people, for those complaining, why not give/sell your P990i to someone smart & get one that fits your "brain wavelenght"
On 5 Nov 14:08 whatever wrote
DALE said:
f your really into business this phone is really for you..... those dont know cause maybe they are not into that level.... well if they complaining stick to your nokia 5110........."

does he know what a business phone really is??? i doubt it, p990i just fails, failed and will fail.

is it really release in france or se decided not to release it anymore.

maybe a business phone, more of a garbage phone..
On 5 Nov 13:32 pheng wrote
ano bang paki alam nyo?
On 5 Nov 10:02 ibinco wrote
"coz if not p990i, then what?,,,,,,,,bug issues are common all smartphones anyway"

ITs this type of attitude that lets manufacturers get away with bringing beta versions out on to the market. If i buy something i expect it to be 100% functional and not be full of software bugs, and to find out that they didnt provide enough memory for multiple apps to run smooth.
On 5 Nov 09:32 dale wrote
if your really into business this phone is really for you..... those dont know cause maybe they are not into that level.... well if they complaining stick to your nokia 5110.........
On 5 Nov 05:43 rehamer wrote
For those who kept on complaining.....on the first place, why did you buy the phone?......because its attractive, feature packed, powerful, and that makes it smart enough to be the smartphone of the year.......coz if not p990i, then what?,,,,,,,,bug issues are common all smartphones anyway.
On 5 Nov 04:12 Carl wrote
Bias? It is a swedish mag, and Sony Ericsson is a swedish (japanese) company. go jakontil!
On 5 Nov 02:32 harry wrote
The best phone out at the moment... What more do you need to hear.

Oh... Patience is a virtue. The perfect firmware is only a month and a half away.
On 5 Nov 00:51 ken wrote
i dont know whats wrong wirth everyone elses phone. but since day 1 my p990 has been working great. I use all the features all day everyday. Some people either dont know what there doing or love to complain about something.
On 4 Nov 20:25 joe wrote
I find the phone very comfortable and is much better than Nokia and motorola smart phones. GO SONY ERICSSON
On 4 Nov 19:52 Anand wrote
We badly need a new firmware i got R7 upgraded from R5 and trust me R7 is total CRAP !!!

SE forget the awards and everything please look at the p990i customers a better firmware now!!
On 4 Nov 16:33 cake wrote
this award is misleading.. just like how SE misled all those who bought p990i.

p990i should have gottent the 'beta phone' of the year.
On 4 Nov 16:01 bart wrote

laughable, this phone COULD of been smartphone of the year. if it wasnt for the amount of bugs making the phone almost unuseable!
On 4 Nov 15:54 Hefraz wrote
with so many complaints about this model, I wonder how SE pulled that off!
On 4 Nov 15:11 graveaudio wrote
P990i deserved to be the smartphone of the year because all i want is compact in one phone. I love this phone everday..
On 4 Nov 14:56 Emilang wrote
I read a lot of reviews from esato to cnet.
I do believe Swedish Magazine can have their opinion that p990 is the smartphone of the year for them.
On 4 Nov 12:50 Anand wrote
not suprised as thers no other good smartphone !! tho talkin about bugs i dont think this phone is worth to be the smartphone of the year tho its good..!!
On 4 Nov 10:48 QuickShare wrote
Way The Go!
On 4 Nov 10:30 Ibinco wrote
i cant believe they gave this beta version an award. It possibly the worst and most bogus SE i ever had. Kept it for 2 weeks and then sold it cause it was just horrible to work with.
On 4 Nov 05:28 jakontil wrote
wow! oh well it's sweddish magazine, i wonder what a finnish magazines will come up with
On 4 Nov 04:36 potter wrote
great hand recognition and great business mobile phone.

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