Orange 3G launched

1 July 2004 by axxxr
Ok, so here's the bit you wanna know. Any handsets on this new Orange 3G service ?? No, not yet - the handset range will be launched later in the year, with SonyEricsson and LG announced as its first 3G handset vendors. At the moment it's data cards only, but it's a giant leap forward for mobile workers.

So, you know that there's only one 3G network here in the UK ? They call themselves "3" (must've taken ages to come up with that). It's a bit pants and it's tough - 'cus who else you gonna go to for video calls and high data transfer ? Well, step forward Mr Orange, 'cus they've now announced their own 3G network ! It'll go live on July 19th with the most extensive integrated 2.5/3G network in the UK. Plus, because Orange control it, there'll hopefully be no "drop outs" that existing "3" customers get when they cross from a 3G area into a non 3G area. This is part of the Orange “mobile broadband” experience.

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