Mobiado Launches the first 3G luxury mobile phone

2 January 2007 by axxxr
Mobiado the manufacturer of luxury mobile phones today unveils the Luminoso, the first and only 3G luxury mobile phone.

The Mobiado Luminoso utilizes a dual illumination technique that lights the keypad area from beneath and from above through the buttons.  Creating the most unique and innovative looking mobile phone as well as maximizing the illumination of the keypad.  Luminoso combines aluminum, sapphire crystal, and stainless steel to create new standard in luxury.  The aluminum frame is created from aircraft aluminum to build a strong/stiff yet light body, it is filtered glass bead blasted, and then hard anodized coated to produce a rock hard ceramic coating with twice the thickness of traditional anodizing for the toughest of uses.  The buttons are sapphire crystal and stainless steel, the camera window is sapphire crystal, and the front screen is coated with DiamondShield®, the most advanced coating available for polymer substrates with diamond like properties.  A daring design, combining luxury and technology in perfect harmony.

The Mobiado Luminoso is the world’s first 3G luxury mobile phone. The phone is unlocked and will work with any GSM network operator.  It has WCDMA 2100 and tri-band GSM coverage on up to five continents (GSM/EDGE 900/1800/1900).  It is equipped with a large QVGA display, 2 megapixel camera and video camera, supports microSD cards up to 2GB, surround sound through stereo speakers, push to talk over cellular, Bluetooth technology, infrared, speaker phone, and a music player that supports MP3, MP4, eAAC+ and AAC music files.

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On 13 Jan 11:44 YoZGat66 wrote
The horror the horror!!!
On 13 Jan 09:57 gpo wrote
it's ridiculously ugly..
On 7 Jan 14:13 reemixx wrote
I'm a fan of the weird and quirky, but honestly that thing just looks horrid. Looks like a garage job. Doesn't even have any extraordinary features underneath its eyesore of an exterior.
On 7 Jan 08:56 jimmy wrote
looks like shiiiiiiiit i go 4 n73 music 4 life
On 6 Jan 17:07 Residentevil wrote
Looks like a W800 with round buttons to me.
On 4 Jan 22:37 daveyboy wrote
to be honest - its not too bad but i would much rather buy from the Continental collection at
On 4 Jan 05:51 grey wrote
I do not see that phone yet,but I found the reviews of T3 magazine, it seem the phone is very good
On 4 Jan 05:17 tummytickle wrote
i saw on some mag,tat tis phone cost around $2500(singapore dollar). not impress by e design at all. i would be call,a luxy clown.......if i caught carrying one.
On 3 Jan 18:44 wajidkhan wrote
good looking and outstanding feature but out of my reach to buy it.only for reach people so less quality of attract more customer in global market.
On 3 Jan 17:47 Ontarina wrote
Maybe it is not as beautiful, but it seems to be royal and lux, plus its unique design makes it everlasting in world of cells.
Hey guys try to be kinda optimistic about the word LUXURY as you could see it is somehow ...
On 3 Jan 10:51 glorfingal wrote
If I'm seen near a retailer I hope I'm arrested !!!
Even Motorolas are better looking :-)
On 3 Jan 07:12 lionel wrote
either the rich have no taste in cell or the company very ugly.
On 3 Jan 07:07 Michael wrote
i'd rather get a w810 lol
On 3 Jan 05:48 JIBJIB wrote
If this is what the rich are buying then I'm happy to be poor. My N73 smashes this Monstrosity!
On 3 Jan 03:03 Ghalo0o0o0oYa wrote

OMG Talk about Ugly'nesss !!
On 3 Jan 01:24 dayz wrote
so ugly
On 2 Jan 23:04 Raptormex wrote
Is Horrible
On 2 Jan 21:39 yinujim wrote
Errr.. What is it?
On 2 Jan 19:03 haha wrote
looks like they didnt have the money to design the phone so used a sony tv remote controller.
On 2 Jan 18:10 Demon wrote
It's not have Too best technology.
On 2 Jan 17:08 Epoy wrote
Too ugly for a "luxury" phone. Their wasting the materials for such a poorly designed phone. The circular buttons are poorly implemented making the phone look really cheap. It's unique but innovative? It might be because the pictures here aren't high ress, but the lighted keypad looks more like cheap rubber on toy phones than crystals.
On 2 Jan 16:41 Chad wrote
That is so fugly looking. Yuk!!!
On 2 Jan 16:11 George wrote
On 2 Jan 15:43 Aivar wrote
So horrible and ugly
On 2 Jan 15:39 HOLLAND wrote
any retailers who got the phone?

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