O2 promises End to mobile Upgrade Rip-off

25 January 2007 by axxxr
Ever had that feeling, towards the end of your mobile contract, that you could get a much better phone for a lower price if you take advantage of another operator's introductory offers?

O2's aiming to start a new initiative called Fair Deal, existing O2 users will be given the same handset and tariff deals as new customers when they come to upgrade. And they'll also be rewarded with 'O2 Treats' for their loyalty.

“We want our customers to be the happiest and most loyal, so we listen to what they want and – crucially act on what they tell us," says Sally Cowdry, marketing director at O2 UK.

Anything that means you don't have to spend 20 minutes on the phone threatening to cancel in order to secure the same upgrade price on a phone they've seen advertised in the paper for free is fine by me. source:techdigest

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On 26 Jan 20:06 joebmc wrote
o2 gave me a free xda mini s plus £80 credit on my bill last time i upgraded (and I'm not even a heavy user). Cant wait till next time!
On 26 Jan 04:03 Nick wrote
Well i done even have O2 in Australia, im not woried.
On 26 Jan 03:12 Rachel wrote
Well my O2 contract has a fair bit to go yet, so hopefully they'll have this implemented by the time my re-newal comes round.
If they really wanted to stop annoying customers they could reduce their GPRS charges for a start!
On 26 Jan 02:40 ToneyEricsson wrote
O2 and Fair deal in the same sentence? I don't think so. O2 can't even offer a "Fiar Deal" between Contract and Pay and Go 3G platforms with regards to functionality of services.

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