New W700 WALKMAN Phone launched in Titanium Gold colour

4 April 2006 by axxxr
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Available in subtle Titanium Gold the W700 is the 8th Walkman phone from Sony Ericsson, and it broadens the appeal of the category to new groups of music listeners.

Great listening and easy to operate, it combines a top quality music player with a 2 Megapixel camera plus lots of features for fun and work. The Walkman® music player even works with the phone turned-off – great for use on flights.

“The W700 builds on the legacy of the first Walkman® phone, the W800. This phone will appeal to anyone who wants a quality music player in their phone for occasional listening," said Jan Wäreby, Corporate Executive Vice President, Head of Sale and Marketing, Sony Ericsson.

There’s also greater potential to expand the storage capacity. As with all Walkman® phones a Memory Stick PRO Duo is included in the box. The W700 comes with 256MB - enough to hold 6 CDs for occasional music listening. But with up to 2GB versions on the market, enough to hold 47 CDs, there is enough music storage available to entertain on even the longest of journeys.

W700 comes supplied with high quality headset that plugs into a standard connector, so you can connect a favourite headset of your own if you wish. There are also a full range of plug-in music accessories from small portable speakers to car systems available.

Music management couldn’t be simpler. All the software and cables you need to rip CDs to your PC and transfer them to the phone is included the box.

The W700 will ship globally during Q2 2006 and be available in Titanium Gold. A Smooth White colour variant will be available in some markets.

Availability: Q2 2006
W700i – Tri-Band GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900 MHz for Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa
W700c – Tri-Band GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900 for Mainland China.




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On 31 Aug 11:02 Harsha wrote
it is really amazing.....
On 30 Aug 05:05 joyous wrote
well 700i is cheaper. n if you do not like the orange (loud) colour of w800i, this is the one. even if u buy a 512mb memory stick, it still costs less. and who cares abt autofocus.. not much difference with pic quality. if u want gd pics. get a digi cam. what i like is the walkman function/sound quality =)
On 27 Aug 02:56 Ben wrote
Well Being a fan of Sony Ericsson, and having previously owned a V600i (Yes a Vodaphone Branded version of the K600i) I seem that there is allot more broad functioning on the phone, Although Many have mentioned on here that the W800i and W700i are very similar, the W700i has a faster Bluetooth Driver (Version 2.0), Thus Compared to the W800i(Bluetooth V1.2) that is the drastic change in this model (As opposed to the autofocus) I have the W700i myself and find it a change from that W800i's Orange and White Contrast, Not only that the Backplate does get Grubby, But Appart From that I think that the W700i is an important phone for the SE line, Its just a renowned W800i but with better functioning, I love this Baby Phone Of Mine.
On 24 Aug 13:49 Ashish wrote
ple give me Sony Ericsson W700i full cost in indian rupes
On 24 Aug 12:36 Pete wrote
Welll guys yeh i agree with use that sony ericsson are just stupid naming them differently. I recently bought a w700 and i love it thought my friend has a w800 and there is basically no difference like even thought his has autofocus they are exaclty the same photo quality and it kinda sucks how mine is called a lower number to his which pisses me off
On 23 Aug 20:35 Sun wrote
well i own w700i...
well dont knw to put it in good or bad category!
to be frank...price wise its the best but quality wise..not as gud!
the problem i encounter with this baby is its sound quality..NOT as gud as compared to other walkman series of SE...belive me!
other drawback....there is a orange ball over detached!
huh! and to amaze me cant be glued or replaced.
this was said to me by the service center pepole..

but it's 2megapixl camera is amazing...unlimited video gud)...
cant ask for more in this price!

but i'm in little delima over its difference with other phones...i mean w800i,k750i
what is the difference except memory n auto fous???
sony is fooling people around kya??

i must say they must provide gud qulaity also..
n battery is just OK...mnot gud!
On 12 Aug 10:54 W700i wrote
Anyway I was using k700i and moved to w700i last week, the audio quality cannot be matched to anyother brand in the market, u can connect it to ur car stereo,home theatre and its a legendary sony walkman...SE is always innovative, i have compared it to N72 but the price is more and size is also bigger...but w700i is superior in every sense
On 10 Aug 12:42 Prasad wrote
This baby looks nice. Dnt like w800. But im confused whether to buy w700 or Nokia3250.Heard that sound quality is indeed better than 3250. Only doubt in mind is about camera. Whats the diffrence in image quality betn them.
On 26 Jul 22:01 HassAn wrote
On 23 Jul 13:42 Ram wrote
Good EXcellent,better than NOKIA..battery backup is not so bad as mentioned..i own one..i swear
On 17 Jul 11:17 ShuklaRK wrote
I am confused between SE W800i / W700i and Nokia N70 phone. Suggest which is better?? I heard that battery life is much better in Nokia phones as compared to SE phones?? Can some one comment on this and help me in deciding the better one.
On 17 Jul 11:16 ShuklaRK wrote
I am confused between SE W800i / W700i and Nokia N70 phone. Suggest which is better?? I heard that battery life is much better in Nokia phones as compared to SE phones?? Can some one comment on this and help me in deciding the better one.
On 17 Jul 11:10 ShuklaRK wrote
Hi. Battery quality & talk time is very poor as compared to Nokia. SE must improve first quality of the battery and then only go for next model. Any real comparison of W880 / k750 / w770 battery and Nokia N70or simmilar phone batteries???.
On 29 Jun 19:58 Gagandeepsingh wrote
its a nice set nd is due to its terrific sound clarity nd its image capturing power.... nice but far better than nokia 3250.
On 22 Jun 05:54 sandynator wrote
W800i is out of market. SE have stopped it's production.
W700i has some few extra features.SE says they have removed all the bugs from initial versions & introduced this piece.there is no autofocus
On 17 Jun 01:40 TheMessenger wrote
For those who want to upgrade their K750/W800 with a W700 firmware, Dont. Cause i flashed my k750 with the firmware and its exactly the same as the one from the W800 the only thing that seems to be different is the camera, it doesn't start. I think the used a different camera in the W700.
On 15 Jun 19:31 MohammadAslam wrote
best sonyericsson W700i this is mobile phone audio sound 100% better other nokia phone example 3250
On 8 Jun 22:00 jigarthanki wrote
only diff is auto focus and quality of pic thats it baby.... i buy both and try. the costs of w700i is round 16000 rs. and w800i is 14000rs so w800i only ...
On 14 Apr 14:33 genie wrote
no nokia is sucks no similarity with this models
sony is much better
On 14 Apr 14:32 genie wrote
no nokia is sucks no similarity with this models
sony is much better
On 9 Apr 17:09 genie wrote
no AF!
On 8 Apr 00:29 Palone wrote
All Walkman phones have Memory Stick PRO Duo? Has the reviewer ever seen a w550i\w600i?
On 7 Apr 20:35 sexyema wrote
On 7 Apr 20:34 JORGE wrote
On 7 Apr 20:33 VickyMary wrote
it sucks this color is bad i prefer a blue color
On 7 Apr 20:31 Brenda wrote
the w800 and k750 dosent have the same style of NOKIA they are different how a stupid comentary of tindo 196 the tecnology is different and the style get better in sony and sony make better electronic things than the other companies

On 7 Apr 20:27 James wrote
I THINK IT COULD BE POSIBLE it the same that happened to K750 insted of W800
On 7 Apr 20:25 Isaac wrote
I think that all the models that are similir than W700 could help people to buy old models like w800 that wanted in the past and it could be a good idea of ericsson phones and i think that what says bellow the comments are bad i think the best is the one that says that w800 an 810 and d and k750 could decrese in price becuse I always wish a phone of ericsson and the disign are great an the walkman reaches more quality of sound but i could not have one becouse i have less money to buy one and I am on it
On 7 Apr 20:18 HEISRIGHT wrote
I think that the man who said that we had seen too many versions of this phone.K/D750 or W810,800,700 and that we all know it is the same phone.He is wrong becouse the phone looks iqual (K750, D750 or W810,800,700) but the functions are diferent and the dising of the 810 is differnt but ericsson dising phones for each life and many persons that could not have money could buy old phones whith easy and ericsson helps peple to have entrataiment and music whith different phones and more accesible to people and the w800 and w810 coul less price because of the age of reachment
On 7 Apr 20:11 ppperezjuaquin wrote
I will buy them all becouse had great saund as it say bellow thats what I write 2 times all have to do the same
On 7 Apr 20:09 PPPPPPEREZ wrote
K/D750 or W810,800,700 ARE GOOD and I will buy all are great
On 6 Apr 18:47 aswin wrote
SE actually lacks of walkman product in the $200-300 price range with candybar shape. This one should fill the gap. It'll have around $100 difference with W810. So, it's one nice market strategy move.

FYI, what makes it cheaper is the lower quality camera module. It doesn't have auto-focus. It's also according to SE strategy to divide the camera and music phones.
On 6 Apr 17:22 Jimbo wrote
I already know that cause I know about SE and that is why i am saying that this phone is a huge joke!!!!!!!!1
On 5 Apr 10:22 wang wrote
its not the same its memory card capacity can be extended and it has less memory thatn the 800i 512mb cause i have one
On 5 Apr 00:47 Jimbo wrote
I think we have seen too many versions of this phone.I doesn't matter to me if SE calls it K/D750 or W810,800,700 we all know it is the same phone.SE shouldnt try to cover its lack of products by releasing the phone in different colors and naming it differently.I see no reason for anyone to buy this phone and I hope it is a massive failure on the market(although I am an SE fan) so SE can learn its lesson.
On 5 Apr 00:23 crazyeighty8 wrote
its an april fools thing, this phone is the same as the w800
On 4 Apr 23:02 nomy wrote
W700 will have two colours available:

Titanium Gold
Smooth White (Very similar to W800i)
On 4 Apr 22:26 govigov wrote
I dont think this is a great move.. just a difference in color and they gave it a new model number?

What is SE trying to do?

This move is worse than the nokia's.

It would have been much better if it would have been a limited edition.
On 4 Apr 21:40 imanuk wrote
i'm just glad its not another pink incarnation of a popular phone, tho I bet that would sell better than the grubby looking "Titanium Gold" pictured.
On 4 Apr 21:21 Joey wrote
Reposting this from the forums.. (just thought everyone should realize this)

I really thought this was some sort of a late april fool's joke. they couldve just opened the D750 to the mainstream instead of coming up with this (with new firmware improvements introduced in the W550/W600)

i mean, is there really that big a market for walkman phones out there?!?

one interesting angle though, if they do introduce FW improvements in this model (background sms sending/revamped MMS profile system/copy and paste in the editor/etc), and it appears that this is hardware-wise identical to K750/W800, theoretically it would be possible to reflash K750s/W800s with this new firmware and get those improvements as well. that'd be svelte

then again, wouldnt it have been easier to have just released the D750 to the mainstream and make the FW update available (as was the case with T68 > T68m/T68i, or via SEUS)
On 4 Apr 20:46 SvetlioBulgaria wrote
On 4 Apr 19:50 AdnanBashir wrote
i feel it is a great change and looking a beautiful.
On 4 Apr 15:37 mustafabay wrote
I doesn't make sense. Not with the W810 and the W800 and K750 still being on the market. At least alter the design.
On 4 Apr 15:28 SloopJohnB wrote
Whats the difference between w800 and w700? only the memory stick? unless w700 comes out really cheap i dont see why peolple would get it instead of w800 which is much cheaper nowadays
On 4 Apr 12:42 mani wrote
Whats the difference with the w800? weird....looks nice, though.
On 4 Apr 12:26 tindo196 wrote
k750 ok,w800 still ok but w700 hmmmm all with the same form and almost similar functionality im begining to think se are increasingly adopting a nokia style
On 4 Apr 12:21 IVA wrote
On 4 Apr 12:12 nice wrote

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