LG Releases “Shine” Commercial

22 January 2007 by axxxr
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LG has just released the first commercial for its upcoming “Shine" phone aka SV420.


And Just to recap the “Shine" features Schneider's 2M camera, 1GB memory sufficient to store 250 mp3 songs, and 'MUVEE' features that enables you to make your own video clips using photos and background music. source:techblog

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On 23 Jan 13:07 Yuri wrote
HAHAHA Blue eyes LOL man, this vid is aimed at total geeks
On 23 Jan 10:44 Ranjith wrote
nice nice really nice
On 23 Jan 07:48 Andrew wrote
By the sounds in the video, I'm pretty sure it also shoots lasers and can sword fight in cartoons.
On 23 Jan 07:35 Nick wrote
Well take a RAZR, SE, Sheet of metal, Samsung, and a female with a hint of LG crapyness and you get this.
On 23 Jan 07:10 Ranjith wrote
nice nice really nice
On 23 Jan 06:40 kahmeelo wrote
very cool phone. i wonder why SE is not shining
On 23 Jan 03:19 Prom1 wrote
Very Tasteful design. And a slider as well. However much I like the mirror screen - I fear its got a ladies touch for compact mirror for them doing makeup. I'm sure the UI is up to par with SE > LG & Samsung are now coming of age with their phones as Koreans are buying and marketing in FULL Force and with a Hot Korean pop-starr to market with there is no stopping them.
On 23 Jan 00:42 amnesia wrote
the dpad has been used by SE in Japan for ages now.
On 23 Jan 00:16 sesuk wrote
i <33 this! so sexxy! full brush metal cover. wow
On 22 Jan 23:16 Alex wrote
Gawd...i hate to say it is a really really nice looking and probably feeling phone.

with an all metal body it will feel very solid and the 2.2 inch screen...i really think i may have to down grade from my k800 silver to this shine. if only se could match its appearence but with better features and probably a better ui
On 22 Jan 20:22 glorfingal wrote
so that's where all the left over razr keypads went !!!!
On 22 Jan 18:44 sefanist wrote
i had that idea for that similar dpad in one of my rough sketch books before they had them...believe it or not.
On 22 Jan 18:30 silverbackjackwithav wrote
very nice.
On 22 Jan 18:11 joebmc wrote
I'm sure i've seen that keypad somewhere else before...
On 22 Jan 18:02 PERUMOVILES wrote
wuaoooooooo very good

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