LG KS10 - Google-packed slider phone

2 May 2007 by axxxr
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LG launched its latest Google Packed HSDPA smartphone, LG-KS10, in Italy.

LG’s smartphone is equipped with Symbian OS and provides a full web browsing experience on its 2.4-inch wide LCD screen. The phone allows users to access any website a regular computer can use, with the original page layout - not a stripped down version for mobile phones. Websites are easy to read as users can easily zoom in or out and the ability to save and retrieve favorites saves time.

In addition, smartphone comes with Google products and services pre-installed, creating a more dynamic user experience with features such as one-click access to Google Search, Gmail™ Mobile, and Google Maps™ Mobile.

LG’s HSDPA smartphone enables users to download multimedia files including videos and music five times faster than WCDMA phones. It is also equipped with a variety of multimedia functions including a 2 megapixel camera, video conferencing, Bluetooth, an MP3 player and external memory card slot.

The Smartphone will be launched in additional European countries, Southeast Asia and Central Asia this year.




On 16 May 08:01 SAIBALfromChandannag wrote
very sexy phone
On 8 May 16:37 bmasterd wrote
Maybe it's time for lg to invent software that is working and keeps running!
On 5 May 23:12 wow wrote
wow, u got to love these 14 years old girls
On 3 May 13:28 holland wrote
@ erwin;
difference is this ks10 is a smartphone running symbian
lg shine is just regular menu's
On 3 May 13:17 Dxfamily wrote
The girls are ugly, if you dont se =P
On 3 May 05:08 deconstruct wrote
It looks just like my year-old N80, maybe a bit slimmer and shinier. Aren't they a bit late? I am about to get the N95.
On 3 May 03:02 SeF wrote
finally this advantage is not enjoyed by nokia itself anymore, but LG too. i hope SE could make this in their UIQ phones too, SE's java phones have this capability aleady since K800's release
On 2 May 23:41 mat wrote
bad phones of lg but girls are good. my chocholet phone is stuck that are pretty rubish i will change to sonyericsson
On 2 May 23:11 KJ wrote
The grls are much better than the phone.... :P
On 2 May 20:21 Farman wrote
It`s really Fantastic and and and I ever like this cell in LG.
On 2 May 19:13 erwin wrote
what is the difference between this one and the SHINE?
On 2 May 18:55 Rach wrote
That seems like a really nice phone!

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