Is Nokia about to Announce a Black 8GB N95?

6 July 2007 by axxxr
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From the forum:
Rumor has it that Nokia is due to announce an 8 GB version of N95.Well, itís not really a rumor as itís on Nokiaís own site, however itís not yet announced.

The upped memory would make it more competitive against Apple's smartphone, as the top iPhone model boasts an 8GB capacity, as will Sony Ericsson's top of the range Walkman phone, the W960.

The rumours, which began when an xml file suggesting an 8GB model was spied on the Nokia website, are also suggesting that this version would be touted as a special music edition and would come in black. source:mobilexpert pocket-lint

N95 Black


On 2 Aug 09:21 luzz wrote
i still love the se w960 nokia is always copying and i hate them
On 21 Jul 23:46 NocturnalGecko wrote
i wish nokia can improve its battery if they are truly going to release a music edition. my n95 doesnt last a day when i use it as my music player. my SEp990i is better coz battery last up to 2 days.
On 16 Jul 07:49 necronen wrote
SE W960i phone cannot even reached and to compare with N95 8GB Edition full features.

SE W960i display is up to 264k colors only, unlike N95 8GB can display 16 million of colors (almost a 24bit of colors) so how can SE W960i pawned N95 8GB Edition? Duh? And bout the camera phone? Still N95 8GB owns this feature.
So goodluck for those who plans to buy SE W960i. Better go for an IPhone...
On 9 Jul 20:40 haha wrote
Copy of W960i ? N95 has been on the market for some time now.. Nokia atleast has the guts to do something different.. all SE does is cybershot or walkman phones.. Totally lame..
On 9 Jul 14:45 keight00i wrote
they seem to be running out of numbers under the Nseries... they keep on developing "editions" of existing phones...
On 9 Jul 01:34 Steve wrote
Found this on photobucket
On 8 Jul 19:41 korbindallis wrote
I only have 1 question
whats the 8 gig going to be HDD or Flash ???

On 8 Jul 17:10 banog wrote
i used to like nokia. but now, se, moto,samsung is way better.
On 8 Jul 11:52 Raza wrote
Big whop. The N95 is already overpriced to me, and I cant imagine how much this will cost! I cant wait for the arrival of the SE W960, it'll totally pwn the N95 '8 GB' AND the iPhone. SE all the way!
On 8 Jul 08:28 tahsin wrote
Ya Nokia had to do something with their n95 as u know its a big flop....still think that its gonna be another flop as bob said nokia and others must imporove their battery life in order to call theses music phones. 3hr -6hr of talktime isnt good enough for a music phone where are most of SE music phones are over 8Hr talktime so that is impressive.For me i think nokia will rule mobile phone only if they do somehting with their battery and make phones that look good instead of these ugly bricks.
On 7 Jul 16:11 richard wrote
use nokia's program to convert your mp3's to their format. you will still hear great quality @ 64k-128 and will save space/battery life.
On 7 Jul 15:34 fireballinteractivec wrote
I love the new black color. Don't care for the 8Gb nor waiting to get it. I have both the iPhone and N95. N95 is better. Can't wait for the SE K850i to get here.
On 7 Jul 12:07 ralph wrote
I NEVER IMPRESSED!!! I got my N95 for 3 moths and I should say don't get sooo attractive to this new color/version that they have, battery soooo weak(not last long) and hardware sooo plasticky when it comes to the slider(clunky sound while pressing buttons). Wait for the Sony Ericsson K850i, you will be amaze of this phone.
On 7 Jul 08:51 benitorios wrote
Nice... but given the N95's poor battery life, you'll only get to listen to 0.1% of your music stored on your 8GB mem before battery runs out....
On 7 Jul 07:30 jericn wrote
Nice, but I don't like to be another victim of N95 (full of bugs). And yet, a firmware upgrade is not available. I hope Nokia will do a FULL FUNCTIONAL test with their phones before putting it up in the market.
On 7 Jul 06:37 SeF wrote
Same N95 house and system hardware but only changed the memory to 8Gb? what are they thinking? more problems ahead behold Lol!
On 7 Jul 00:51 Jack wrote
WOW ... This is PERFECT!!!!! The silver N95 was a stunner but in black its pure SEX!!!! I was thinking of buying the W960 but after seeing this, it's Nokia N95ME in black please!!!! :)
On 7 Jul 00:42 Jojo wrote
Nice ! More storage ! I wonder how BIG the external memory card-slot can handle ?
On 7 Jul 00:18 DoctorMantis wrote
Yes, but does it have 850/1900 MHz 3G capability? I won't get excited until then.
On 6 Jul 17:08 skylineR35 wrote
if this was to be like N91 8GB....
lag lag and lag...
On 6 Jul 16:53 josua wrote
i dont like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On 6 Jul 16:48 Bob wrote
nokia is out of competition until they start using lithium polimer batteries like sony ericsson do. That goes also for apple. SE is for now way way ahead any other company for delivering perfect combination of a music player and phone.
On 6 Jul 16:31 suksnokia wrote
nokia always give late phones first walkman of sonyericsson, next ROKR and now nokia and in 8gb first was Iphone and the w960 and now nokia copy sonyericsson w960 nokia and motorolo always copy other ideas like the walkman and the iphone phones
On 6 Jul 16:31 Alfaro wrote
no big deal... soon we'll have 6gb and 8gb microsd...
On 6 Jul 16:20 prom1 wrote
Well NOW we got serious competition. For those of you - like myself - that love the W960; this will be a better performer. Y? WiFi streaming to compatible TV's, an app for file sharing like Bittorrent or ftp.

WHERE are ALL the UIQ3 programmers/coders!?? Bring it on already PLEASE?!!!!!!
On 6 Jul 14:47 imran wrote
SE always on the top. Don't like it
On 6 Jul 14:07 rehamer wrote
I wish the jack will be placed on top. i hate mine, i cant put it in my pocket.
On 6 Jul 13:15 wellknow wrote
is it intern memory or can i use micro sd? when i can use micro sd i can upgrade my n95. in holland there is only 4gb availeble at the moment.

On 6 Jul 13:12 km wrote
Ya p990i was a mess. And was n95 to.
Se is famous for there high end phone. But nokia is not that famous for their high end phones.
On 6 Jul 13:10 Troubles wrote
Copy of the SonyEricsson W960i??

SE Rulezzz...
On 6 Jul 13:07 Geezay wrote
After the whole P990 firmware debacle with SE, such developments from Nokia are beginning to look very enticing indeed!
On 6 Jul 13:05 carlo wrote
not bad...

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