Esato Exclusive: White Pearl

25 July 2006 by axxxr
Looks like the Black Diamond will be having a more affordable twin brother minus the diamonds called the White Pearl.

Well this is the news i've been dieing to hear,so here we have it folks a more affordable version of the beautiful Black diamond although  it won't be black.

The White Pearl will in every way be the same as the Black Diamond just no Titan and no diamonds and will come in a pearlacent white colour which i prefer more than the black to be very honest,even though the black does looks good in its own way.

And specification wise it will be the same again,Quad band with Wi-Fi an Intel 400Mhz processor running windows mobile 5 a 262k TFT colour screen,Touch Sensitive 2"screen,it will also feature an internal memory of 128mb and will come with a 2Gb SD card for external storage and a 4 Megapixel camera.

Since the White Pearl will come without the luxury add ons the price will reflect that hence it will only cost: $1,500 (815.00) now thats music to my ears.

The White Pearl will be available early 2007.

White Pearl

White Pearl



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On 5 Sep 15:01 sasha wrote
i would like to oder white pearl but i do not how
On 22 Aug 14:29 KChingcanyouhearitri wrote
I'll get mine of ebay after the someone mugs the person who buys it for $300,000!

I love the black, but you can keep the diamonds.
On 16 Aug 07:43 kevin wrote
when & where can i get this mobile in sydney?if u hav detail abt this mobile please cantect
On 5 Aug 11:04 NanakayLagosNigeria wrote
I thought one of the aims of mobile technology is to get up all connected. But at what cost? $1500 is high even in the advanced societies. Get us connected moderately, please.
On 30 Jul 18:46 Bart wrote
Would you want to return it every time it has scratches on it.
On 27 Jul 22:12 foot wrote
this is one phone to get its way chedaper than $300000
it looks nice in its own way but there better be a crystal case for it out soon lol
On 27 Jul 14:30 awave wrote
would love one...but far too expensive tbh - may be worth it...but i have better things to do with the money - and you lot with the a phone that works, and then donate the rest to charity ;)

-|- awave
On 27 Jul 12:02 somelazyguy wrote
but its not a sony ericsson........
On 27 Jul 07:54 manafmoumen wrote
thank you thank you thank you!!! i can afford this beauty, finally.
On 27 Jul 03:41 francis wrote
i'm sticking to p990 :)
On 26 Jul 20:37 axxxr wrote
I think its because of the diamonds!
On 26 Jul 20:33 Laney wrote
How can they justify a £300,000 price-tag??
On 26 Jul 15:58 Ghost2 wrote
I like the black diamond better, but I still really want one of these. $1500 for a phone! well at least it's better than $300,000.

P.S. does anyone know if the camera has optical zoom.
On 26 Jul 13:50 ACCOUNTANT wrote
On 26 Jul 11:40 Xugaa wrote
Great... I'll take 6 please!
On 26 Jul 10:54 andy wrote
dont like it. and its way overpriced.but theres one born every minute so no doubt this will sell well.
On 26 Jul 10:48 whitelighter wrote
dont like the shape, looks like a remote control to me, but reading the specs. , wow a window SE phone , luv it !
On 26 Jul 01:48 SloopJohnB wrote
Looks cool... it would be a great hit if it was much cheaper and had SE interface... talk about a new T610...
On 26 Jul 01:22 axxxr wrote
lets hope so!
On 26 Jul 01:19 amnesia wrote
I'll be getting one, but I truely hope it's scratch proof.

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