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How To Sync P910i With iSync (Solution) (Updated for 10.3.8)

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Posted by ~lozishere~
Solution below will as far as I know work fine on anything prior to 10.3.8, but if you want to use this on 3.8, then i have re-written the instructions using a different file here: http://www.esato.com/board/viewtopic.php?topic=80311&start=45

Hi there, to start this post off: I have received a ton of requests for help with their P910is and iSync. So instead of replying individually to everyone, I decided to post it here.
First step: Go to /system/library/application support/syncservice and then find a file in /501 called SymbianConduitDefaults.plist. Drag this file to the desktop. Now delete all the folders contained in /system/library/application support/syncservice/. They will be called things like 501, 508 etc.
Second Step: Open and then quit iSync.
Third Step: Open the file you just dragged to the desktop. Open it in textedit if it asks you for an application. Delete the file's contents and replace it with the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple Computer//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd">
<plist version="1.0">
<string>F 126881400.11</string>

This part of the file must be personalised:


Go into system preferences -> bluetooth and click on the devices tab at the top. Select your P910i from the list. Copy the number that is found in the detailed info view section that is in the format of "00-0f-de-87-3d-56" and paste it into your file that you've opened and are editing in textedit.
Also replace the name for your device with the name that your device actually has.
Fourth Step: Save the file to your desktop.
Fifth Step:
Move the file from the desktop to /system/library/application support/syncservice/*whatever folder is here -- there's only one now*/ and overwrite the file that's there already (might not be one).
Sixth Step: Open up iSync and click Sync!!!
Seventh Step: Thank me profusely for the help

If you are using a P910a, please replace ALL instances of P910-1 with P910-2 OTHERWISE the sync won't work at all.

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Posted by ~lozishere~
Ok, I'm confused: I had 15 Private messages or so, all askig for a P910i solution, and now I post one, no-one's interested in it... Seems a touch strange!!

Posted by Jools
Maybe people have read your post, used it and it worked perfectly! No further questions required!!

Posted by mores
any idea if this will work on a p900 as well?

because i can sync contacts, but whenever i activate ical sync, i get an "p900 not ready" or "not found" error.

"kBTEmptyFolderIsOkayReally" ??? that must have been a programmer with a sense of humor

http://www.untitled.at - my company
http://www.mores.cc - my personal webpage / moblog
http://www.mores.cc/p900 - some p900 goodies

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Posted by Grubbytoy
I tried this fix last night and it worked first time. I am so happy. I had resigned myself to waiting for an iSync update or Tiger to fix the sync problem. Thanks for taking the time to sort this out.

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Posted by ejp
followed your excellent instructions haven't enough people told you that?? got the p910i to sync but when trying to sync again it consistently can't find the phone. Have tried someone else's idea and selected browse device first. Surely there must be an easier way?

Posted by ~lozishere~
hi, glad to hear you found my little tutorial useful!
i would try and make a nice little installation script to stream-line the whole process, but my mac literally blew up and i now have a dead mother board. i have a mac mini on its way from the U.S. but i have this feeling that i have lost my itunes as well as the rest of my data as the 3.5 inch hard disks i was using in my powermac don't fit in the mini (2.5 inch disks).

Posted by mpr
Same here. I've followed those instructions and I'm still having the same problem. After an intial Sync, following syncs seem to fail. Aside from browsing the device first and iSync's (which seems to work most of the time), Apple recommends you reboot the unit a couple of times to get it working (and it does work).


Any suggestions? (Aside from some creative Apple Scripting?)

Posted by Grubbytoy
I was looking inside my syncservice files and found lots of stuff pertaining to other devices I had been syncing with. Mainly left over palm conduits and other stuff I was not able to identify. I found an isync uninstaller that was used to remove beta versions on Apple site, ran this and reinstalled the latest iSync.

This, in combination with the alteration of the Symbian conduit, has led to my p910i syncing perfectly, everytime in under 6 minutes. The best it has been with any device. I think that the left over conduits was confusing things a bit.

If you are still having trouble, give this a go....

Posted by Himan!
Thanks for finding and posting this work around. It worked the first time just fine! However, my problem now is that I get a bluetooth time out on the phone that disconnects iSync. In the iSync process I get a message saying that it couldn't connect to the phone. Howcome? Does anyone know how to avoid the bluetooth time out of my SE P910i?

Posted by jackietreehorn
Thanks!!! it worked like a charm.


Posted by Grubbytoy
On the p910i, in the conrol panel > Connections > Bluetooth > Devices > "your computer name", make sure the "Allow to connect without confirmation" is ticked. This was the cause of my timeouts when I set my device up initially. If this doesn't work, erase the pairing in both p910i and computer and start from scratch.

Just bought a 512mb card for my p910i. Just need to find a less tedious way of transfering mp3's without buying another card reader.

Posted by Himan!
THNX for this tip. This trick works perfectly! I am back in business again.

Posted by ProfTournesol
doesn't work at all for me. I was syncing OK before apart from duplicating iCal entries, now it can't find my phone at all - double checked the address, ID etc.

Posted by ~lozishere~
Well maybe you did something wrong? Make sure you follow the instructions 100%!

Posted by Grubbytoy
I know this is enfuriating but persistence will eventually pay off.

Unistall iSync using the utility at this address: www.mac.sofotex.com/cgi-bin/page.cgi?page=download&link=122795
Reinstall the standalone iSync v1.5 from this address:
Clear all your bluetooth settings and make a new connection with your phone.
Follow the instructions at the top of this thread EXACTLY.

Out of interest, what frimware is running on your phone? Look in Applications>Edit>System information, then press the arrow till you get to CDA. What is the number??

I updated my phone at an Ericsson Service centre on the advice of Ericsson. Some of the Orange software tinkering was making the phone behave eratically. This update sorted that out.

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Posted by pierrot-lunaire
I don't have a folder named /system/library/application support/.
I've got /system/library/SyncServices/ but no 501/ folder in it.
Also, I have /Library/Application Support/SyncService/501/ but without SymbianConduitDefaults.plist - this file is not on my machine at all.
I have iSync v1.5 installed. I do *not* have HotSync Manager installed.
Sorry if this is stupid - what am I missing?

Posted by Grubbytoy
That doesn't sound right. Did you unistall then reinstall iSync?

Posted by robinal
Hi there ~lozishere~, I have had a look at your instructions, and I have a few questions:

Question 1) My SymbianConduitDefaults.plist file is in a slightly different place from the folder you suggest.

You give this location:
/system/library/application support/syncservice

Whereas my SymbianConduitDefaults.plist file is in this location:
/library/application support/syncservice

i.e. it is not under the system folder. Which version is correct? please advise.

Question 2) When I open the file (SymbianConduitDefaults.plist) it is empty, should it be empty when I first open it, i.e. if I have never synced it before?

Question 3) With your P910i syncing solution using iSync, do you see an icon showing an image of the P910i phone, or do you just see the name of the device?

Question 4) Last question (thanks for your patience) You mention that this part of the text should be customized:


Apart from this line, 00-0f-de-87-3d-56 , which is obviously the bluetooth ID of the device, what values should be put in the other lines?:

a) kNSSyncDeviceID
b) kNSSyncDeviceName


Many thanks in advance for your assistance it is very much appreciated.


Posted by ejp
I have just noticed that if you input your notes for ical on the p910i then it accepts them fine if you do the other way round it either doesn't transfer them or wipes them out.

Posted by pierrot-lunaire
OK, further down the road.

The file 'SymbianConduitDefaults.plist' can very well be in /Library/Application Support// and the initial instructions work just fine. The file seems to get created when you first "Add new Device..." in iSync. After a first Sync it is filled with the defaults choosen + DeviceName etc.

If you edit the file as suggested, the Defaults will be added after you started iSync again.

Now everything *should* have been worked...

Except that I got "Device unavailable" Error. This is due to a ppp connection error. I opened Utilities->Console, show system.log and saw lines like

Feb 9 22:35:57 localhost pppd[639]: pppd 2.4.2b1 started by ...., uid 501
Feb 9 22:35:57 localhost kernel: com.cisco.nke.ipsec: attached or made active, interface: (ppp0).

Somehow the VPN client I'm using sits on ippp0 although it's not running. I'll try further. This might be of help for others. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.

Posted by pierrot-lunaire
Got it running now.
I needed to unload the VPN kernel driver via
/System/Library/StartupItems/CiscoVPN/CiscoVPN stop
as root (or via sudo).
After that everything worked, which is good news for robinal, too, because the location doesn't have to be /system. And, no, I'm missing the icon, too.
Thanks, lozishere, for the thread

Posted by robinal

Many thanks for all the help given on this thread. I have now applied the solution fully. In terms of reliable syncing functionality everything is 100%. However, I still have a problem with the syncing of notes in the To Dos on the Mac to the P910i. Strangely, if the notes are taken on the P910 they get synced on the Mac. But if they are taken on the Mac, the entry on the P910 is deleted.

Seems very odd to me, but I have seen reports of this on the Apple iSync Discussion Forums. Apparently noone has got to the bottom of it yet. Do you guys have any gems of wisdom to add at all? Please let me know!

Many Thanks,


Posted by jacobberger
I am sorry lozishere, but something isn't working. I followed your advice step by step. The only doubt I have is when you say: "Also replace the name for your device with the name that your device actually has." Does this mean I should replace kNSSyncDeviceName with kNSSyncP910i ?
A part from that, I followed your plan scrupulously, and I still get a message saying: "jeudi 17 février 2005 01:34 |P910i| Impossible de connecter iSync au P910i. Veuillez retenter la synchronisation.Impossible de synchroniser contacts avec P910i: l’appareil n’est pas disponible. Impossible de synchroniser calendriers et tâches à réaliser avec P910i: l’appareil n’est pas disponible" (I am French). Translation: Impossible to connect iSync to the P910i. Please try synchronizing again. Impossible to synchronise Contacts with P910i: the device is not available: Impossible to synchronize tasks and calendar with P910i: the device is not available". What do you make of that? Best, jacobberger

Posted by robinal

In his original post, ~lozishere~ said that the following lines of code need to be customised:


There are 4 lines of code above and only lines 2 and 4 need to be customised:
Line 2 should contain the device number
Line 4 should contain the actual name that you gave to your device

The solution that ~lozishere~ gives also assumes that you have "bonded" your device to your Apple Mac. Use the Bluetooth manager under your System Preferences to do this.

Everything should then work. I am a French speaker, so I can help you further with this if you need, I am available on iChat/AIM. Just click on the AIM icon against my postings.

Best Regards,


Posted by sviftrup

On 2005-02-10 20:31:33, pierrot-lunaire wrote:
Got it running now.
I needed to unload the VPN kernel driver via
/System/Library/StartupItems/CiscoVPN/CiscoVPN stop
as root (or via sudo).
After that everything worked, which is good news for robinal, too, because the location doesn't have to be /system. And, no, I'm missing the icon, too.
Thanks, lozishere, for the thread

Hi there. I've been following this thread closely. Since I upgraded my Bluetooth Firmware my sync with P910i stopped working.
Have tried what you suggested but it doesn't cut it.
get the same error that Pierrot talks about. Phone not available.

my question for now is about the quote. I dont have a ciscoVPN library in startupitems. Could something else cause that error?

Posted by Lundmark

I can only find the 501 folder by using the Terminal. In the Finder, there's only a directory called LastSync Data (which isn't there when using the Terminal!). What's up with that? I'm a fairly new Mac user, so I could really need som help. I can't even edit the file 'cause I don't know how to do it.

Posted by ~lozishere~
heya, sorry for neglecting my thread
erm... when i originally wrote the post explaining how to get isync up n running, i was still using 10.2.8, so the instructions/locations of files may vary in later iterations of os x. I have succesfully talked a few people on msn through how to set ut up, so if anyone wants to add me, my address (not my email note, only msn), is lozboy@o2.co.uk.
Once i've managed to get ot working with you, I'll just post a transcript/log on here and that way it should be easy for others to replicate the working sync settings
I can conform that yes, isync does work and yes, it does display an icon. The icon, by the way, can be added by searching for p900.tif, making a copy of that file, naming it p910-1.tif and putting it in the same folder as the original p900.tif file. That'll work nicely then. Please note though that this is purely cosmetic and there's no point trying it in the hope of getting it to work.

"Apart from this line, 00-0f-de-87-3d-56 , which is obviously the bluetooth ID of the device, what values should be put in the other lines?:

a) kNSSyncDeviceID
b) kNSSyncDeviceName"

the first one is the device id, the second is the name of the P910i that you defined in control panel -> bluetooth -> name. nice and simple


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Posted by gepi
I tried the hack, after resetting and reinstalling everything. The message I get is that my P910 lacks memory - but there actually is over 50 MB left!

Basically the sync works - but only partially. There are always some data missing from the calendar (dates, to do's). As far as I can see, the address sync works (I have over 1700 addresses).

Well - looks like we have to wait for Tiger....

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Posted by charlienotsync
Hi, i tried most of the above,
I have the experience of iSync syncing fine, but something messes up the phone software, to the extent that it just crashes and i have to do a master reset.
I noticed if i just sync the contacts thats fine, but as soon as i try syncing my calender events the phone gets very sick.
its annoying cause its so near to working....and it would be so usefull to me syncing my events at work on my phone and at home. Events are transferred from my phone to ical, but something really upsets the phones system software in the process.

anybody got any wisdom about this?

thanks charlie

Posted by bjornv
Hi Charlie,

I am experiencing exactly the same problem.

Upgraded to Orange P910i last week, initial problems with iSync solved by Loz's excellent solution. Like you syncing contacts with Address Book causes no problem, but syncing with iCal causes the phone to slow to a standstill and constantly crash, hang, lots of:

"Program Closed
Program xxxxxxx
Reason code View Srv
reason number 11" messages.

Is your phone also Orange? From searching this forum Orange branded phones seem to have a lot of software problems (wish I'd read that earlier!).

Could it be too much iCal data? too many calenders (3?)

About to take phone back to Orange shop, for replacement, but have a feeling that will not solve problem. This is driving me mad.

Any help much appreciated.

Posted by eeeff
another SUCCESS story following the instructions here! THANKS to -lozishere- (oh and Grubtoys PERSISTENCE point!

was a bit fiddely and things weren't where the thread said at times, but I finally got there. Address Book <> Contacts AND iCal <> Calendar seem to be syncing MUCH better! and regular too!

new question: How do you get your various calendars in iCal (Home/Work/Play/whatever) to sync with FOLDERS on the P910?

coming from Palm Desktop I've got a few...

it seems to lump multiple iCal CALENDARS into the UNFILED FOLDER in my P910s calendar???

and if I was to file data into manually created folders (same names as the ical calendars) on the P910, will it lump them back into a single calendar in iCal?

And what of SMS via Addrss book, anyone with a solution? (about the only thing I liked about my Nokia 6600 and Mac relationship)



P910i on Orange
12" AlumiBook
10.3.8/iSync 1.5/iCal 1.5.5/Eudora 6.2.1/Address Book 3.1.2

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Posted by ~lozishere~
hmm... some of you are complaining about system instability after syncing. Are your phone's branded and/or do you have a million ical entries? having too many entries into the calendar database on the phone could theoretically cause problems with it. The other thing to check is if you have the latest firmware. i currently have 03 but i will be upgrading to 04 later today as i will have my hands on a pc. will report on the results of synching post-upgrade
Glad to hear the majority of you're getting succesful synchs

Posted by gepi
Right now I am only syncing my contacts, as iCal syncing doesnot work properly for me (it might be the number of the calenders, that is the crucial point, but I don't like only using one calender).

My question here is to them, who have success with syncing: when you are pairing your P910 with the Mac, does the first dialog show syncing as a real choice or is it greyed out (as in my case)?

Posted by Lundmark
Again, how do I find the file? It's hidden and doesn't even show up when viewing hidden files! The same goes for folder 501.

Posted by jerryrense
I've also found that apps like NETBARRIER can cause iSync to stop working. I was trying out version 10.3.2, without any problems. Then I switched the firewall option from 'no restrictions' to 'client, local server'. This caused iSync to stop working. Switching back to the 'no restrictions' setting fixed it again. BUT, I then tried version 10.3.5. iSync could not sync with the P910 anymore, even though the firewall setting was on 'no restrictions'. I had to uninstall NB 10.3.5, AND do the lengthy re-setup posted in this thread to get iSync & the P910 going again.

Posted by ~lozishere~
Ok, found out that if you are using a P910a, you must replace all instances in the guide at the beginning with P910-2. This is because the regional versions have different identifier strings.

Posted by riquito
Many thanks to you guy. I am now able tto sync correctly with 10.3.8 and my p910i. The only thing not orking is the P910i icon in the isync window, but who really cares.

Many, many thanks


Posted by ~lozishere~
For the icon: Go to /system/library/syncservices/symbianconduit.bundle/contents/resources/ and copy te file called P900.tif in there to the desktop using apple-c to copy and apple-v to paste it to the desktop. Rename it to P910-1.tif and put it back in /system/library/syncservices/symbianconduit.bundle/contents/resources/


Posted by eastwindfl
I am happy to thank Lozishere profusely.

My P910a is now synching via iSync on my Mac G5 but not before taking a number of steps before it finally caught.

First I quit all my neat bluetooth apps such as BluePhoneElite and Salling Clicker. Next I followed the steps posted by Lozishere at:
at this point it still would not sync.

Next I deleted the pairing and bonding in Bluetooth System Prefs as well as deleting the P910a from the iSync under devices. Then I did a new pair in Bluetoothe System Prefs and added a device in the iSync program. (no phone icon but who cares?)

Note: The check box for "turn on P910 synching" in the iSync for the P910a was still greyed out. This time I left the "contacts" box checked and the "calendar" box "unchecked". I started the Sync Now and it took! My contacts synching finally.

Next I got brave and checked the Calendar box and BINGO, it synced!

Posted by gepi

How many calendars do you have?

Posted by bjornv
@ charlienotsync and anyone it helps.

After much trial and error I have discovered that the problems the phone was experiencing after syncing with iCal were caused by "all-day" events. I removed them all from my calenders and the phone's working like a dream.

Would be good if individual iCal's could sync with 910, but for the time being I will be happy with a working phone and ability to isync. Thanks again Loz for the solution.

P910i on Orange
15" Power Book
OSX 10.2.8

Posted by charlienotsync
thanks everyone for your help

bjornv... Thanks! I will try erasing the all day events!

and try syncing again! ps. my phone is from orange.

from charlie

Posted by rogergiddings
Registered just to thank you for this work round after a weekend of rising frustration. Followed your instructions and it worked really well.
Using a mac on system 10.3.8

Posted by ~lozishere~
Good good!! Nice to know there's a nice bigish mac community out there
Does anyone know any itunes shared library applications that'll run on windows 98? Just cos I want an old laptop to use in the living room as an itunes client for the music stored on my big mac (tm) in the basement,

Posted by charlienotsync
Hi all,

funny I tried following Lozs instructions the first time and the syncing worked a dream...only my phone crashed and i had to reset it, (which is a problem I had had anyway when trying to sync) so bjornv worked out that this was due to ical entries having 'all day enteries'.... after deleting my 'all day entries' I tried Lozs instructions again but now they are not working for me....ive tried it several times following Lozs instructions carefully.....when i open isync afterwards there is no P910i added as a device...??? Loz did you change your script at all, in the last few weeks?

from Charlie

Posted by charlienotsync
another question!

about the latest firmware...when I check updates on my phone, it says everything upto date, but i wasnt convinced so I followed the instructions on sony website to find which firmware version your phone is...going to system information...and then checking the CDA number, but then when i entered the number to check its uptodateness there was some error....anybody got any ideas how to check the firmware version and update it?
also, whats the difference between P901i and P901a , is P910a a more recent model?



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Posted by Atta
Another grateful reader registering to thank lozishere for figuring this problem out and posting the solution here in such a way as that even a newbie Mac owner could follow it successfully.

Everything works great with my 10.3.8 version of OS X. The only minor problem is that II don't have an icon for the P910 and I can't use the instructions for setting one as there appears to be no P900.tiff icon on this system. In fact, the whole symbianconduit.bundle file doesn't exist on this machine.

However this is a minor inconvenience and the main syncing function works fine.

Posted by ejp
I am always getting relatively reliable syncs as long as I leave about half an hour between each try, otherwise the bluetooth "connected" symbol on the P910i comes on briefly, then goes off again and syncing fails. I do hope all of this gets resolved in 10.4 or maybe it's a firmware update needed?

Posted by ~lozishere~
Hi there,
symbianconduit.bundle does exist on every mac, just some people have their finder set to hide hidden files. If you try xupport, which by the way is great shareware, and works 100% without registering, you can change this.

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