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Defragmenting: Memory Stick Duo

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Posted by Thx1138

I have used my Memory Stick Duo 128 MB about 6 mounth now.
Free space 19%
Tonite I defraged it and it is a bit faster.
But filesystem is still FAT
It went on for 20 min

Anyone know witch filesystem P910i uses on a 1 GB Memory Stick?

Is it possible to convert Memory Stick Duo 128 MB to Fat32,
and will my SE P900 recognize it?

Posted by skydiver
yes the p910 uses fat32 on all size cards . and no not without doing the convertion to a p905 as we call it

Posted by junk
How did you defrag it?

Posted by below24
If your running windows, when your memory card is connected to the machine. Go to the start menut navigate to applications, then system tools, and there you should find "disk defragmenter". Click on this and then you should see you removable disk (your memory stck Drike letter :E is mine).

Hope that helps.

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