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Links to Windows, Mac & Linux Theme Creators for SE Phones

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Posted by Jools
System Requirements
Supported Phones
Sony Ericsson
Themes Creator (Win)

Sony Ericsson
Themes Creator (Mac)

Windows 2000
Windows XP
Mac OS X 10.3
PhoneAgentMac OS XT610/T616/T618
$29.95 (but includes much more than just theme creation)
VITO ThemeEditor for P910/P900Windows ME
Windows 2000
Windows XP
$49.95 (14-day free trial)
T68 ThemeEditMac OS XT68Free
ZD Theme CreatorWindows
Java Desktop
Free, requires manual compression of the files into a theme.

A complete K700 Theme Making Tutorial is available here.

Please send me a Private Message with any additions or corrections.

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Posted by masseur
excellent! that should help quite a few people

I'll add it to the Answers to the most common questions on Esato Forums (FAQ style)

Posted by OluYom
@JoolsG4: Thanks for the info!

Posted by baseballfanz
This should be a stickie, but that's just my opionion.

Posted by Jools
05.01.05 Added a link to a K700 Theme Making Tutorial in the first post.

Posted by Jools
01.02.05 Added links to the SonyEricsson Theme Creator v1.60 for both Windows and Mac.

Finally SonyEricsson have released an official Theme Creator for us Mac users!

Posted by Jools
15.02.05 Added a link to the "PFYM Mobile Phone Theme Creator" - thanks to Induhvidual

Posted by Jools
20.04.05 Added the new Sony Ericsson Themes Creator v1.70

Posted by Del
Thats great, Thanks

Posted by gelfen
excellent post!

Posted by Mirage20uk
hey does any one has a license code for magic theme for p800 or verichat or full programs + licence code 4 soldier of antz i'll apriciate it

Posted by floss
I have a license code for SA. I only charge $14.95 for it. You can buy it through Handango for the cost of a good quality pizza.



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Posted by catirus
thanks for the links

Posted by Rean
Hey guys,
I've got a SE k750i , so I downloaded the SE theme creator, and when I started it up, I selected the k750.. Made the theme, send it to my mobile, and guess what? No backgrounds, they are all white.
So I thought, maybe, 'cause mine is the ''i'' version, i should pick the w800, 'cause thats a newer version, but no, same result.
So any ideas?

Add me on MSN, martijn_v_dijk@hotmail.com
and I'll send you the theme.

Thanks in Advance

Posted by Jools
25.10.05 The Sony Ericsson Theme Creator has been updated to v1.90 which introduces animated scalable vector graphics for the new W900, W550 and W600 Walkman mobile phones.

Get it here...

Posted by bsides
The link for Sony Ericsson Themes Creator (Win) has been changed - and there's a new version too! Please change it to:


PS - Got it from

Posted by Jools
15.11.05 The Sony Ericsson Themes Creator has been updated to v1.92 (adds support for Z300i, J210i, J220i, J230i)

Posted by rosh.r03
errr... do u no were i can get a theme creator for the SE k608i?

Posted by Jools
Yes, from the first post in this thread. The Sony Ericsson Themes Creator supports all Sony Ericsson phones that support themes.

Posted by rosh.r03
oh yeeeh, oops thanx

Posted by nick111
Theme Creator SE updated to 2.00

Change log Version 2.00

- Added P990
- TC now accepts THM files using signed checksums
- SVG disabled for W600/W550 and W900 in order to comply with phone software

Posted by nick111
Theme Creator SE updated to 2.10

Change log Version 2.10

- Added W810i
- Skin text style combobox now updates theme modification flag
- Bug with UTZ non 7-bit ASCII character filenames fixed

Posted by mathios
my first p990 theme, it took me 3 hours to create it download from here http://briefcase.pathfinder.gr/browse/mathiosnik/42694

Posted by Jools
Sony Ericsson Themes Creator Updated to v2.20

- Fixed issues with & < > " and ' in author fields
- Removed title image from W600 Row Title screen
- Added calendar date cue patch to P990
- Added SVG to the W810 standby image filter
- Added J210, K610, W950 and M600

Posted by nick111
Theme Creator SE updated to 2.30

Change log Version 2.30

- Added K510i, K790i, K800i, W300i, Z530i

Posted by Jools
Themes Creator 2.30 - Mac OS

Posted by soulchild111

Posted by zuccster
Don't forget SE ThemeKreator for KDE/Linux


Posted by Jools
12.03.2006 Added ThemeKreator as above to the first post.

Posted by 2pacalypse
where can i find a tutorial for making themes for the w800i.

Posted by Jools
Google turned up the following:


K750 and W800 use the same themes.

Posted by nick111
Theme Creator SE updated to 2.31

Change log Version 2.31

- Fixed issue with loading themes

Posted by nick111
Theme Creator SE updated to 2.40

Change log Version 2.40

-Added W700i and Z525i.
-Fixed bug where wrong tab could be shown after changing a property.
-Fixed bug that could cause Themes Creator to crash on phone selections if a too big image was selected for some images.
-Added acceptance and support for deprecated themes 4.5 softkey tags.

Posted by Induhvidual
If anyone is interested in the online theme maker (currently at http://www.pfym.com) that was listed here a while ago, I'm going to release the source dode when I've had chance to scan through and make sure there is nothing incriminating in there! (probably in the next week)

Posted by Jools
Themes Creator 2.41 is out today:

Version 2.41:
  • Added one handed background property for M600 and W950.
  • Added support for margins for images when using the "Tile" style.

    Posted by Jools
    Themes Creator 2.42 is out today

    Version 2.4.2:
  • Updated properties for M600 and W950.

    Posted by Jools
    Themes Creator 2.51 is out today.

    Version 2.51
    - Changed to updated API.

    Posted by Jools
    Themes Creator 2.52 is out today

    Version 2.5.2:

    - Fixed sound playback instability.
    - Minor preview updates.

    Posted by Trapani
    I was wondering:

    Where can I find a tutorial for making themes for the K800i?


    Posted by blazouf
    Phone agent 1.3 can make theme for the K800 !

    Posted by Trapani
    But is there a tutorial available?

    Posted by nemo66
    Does the mac theme creator work on the new INTEL iMac core duo?

    Posted by Hlcn Twst
    Is there a tutorial anywhere for using the Theme Creator utility? I can't quite figure out which settings change what colors in the theme. For example, does anything control the text color of a \"greyed out\" (unselectable) menu option?

    If only there were an \"Undo\" command, I'd have more courage to randomly try things out

    Posted by Jools
    Sony Ericsson Themes Creator updated to v3.00

    Download here for Mac and PC

    Change log

    Version 3.00
    - New graphical user interface design.
    - Minor bugfixes.

    Posted by baste07
    i'll try this one.

    Posted by Jools
    Sony Ericsson Themes Creator updated to v3.02

    Download here for Mac and PC

    Change log

    Version 3.02
    - Added K310

    Version 3.01
    - Minor grafical adjustments
    - Minor bugfixes.

    Posted by SunInLop
    Does w550i uses the same theme as w600?

    Posted by jdcruz
    anyone know any nokia theme creators because my friend is asking for one

    Posted by Tehy03
    Themes Creator 3.10 is available:

    Posted by LR750i
    New Version ist 3.11

    Version 3.11
    - Added W660.

    Download Windows Version: Theme Creator 3.11

    Download Mac Version: Theme Creator 3.11

    Greetz, LR750i

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