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[T610] email client stopped working..

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Posted by 2manydjs
From the start I've been using my T610 to send and recieve email.
I'm not using GPRS but GSM because it's cheaper for me.
But suddenly I can't send emails anymore, it stops at about 2kb with a "send failed" error.
I've tried other email adresses with other SMTP servers and other internet providers.
I can use webviewer with these data accounts and I can recieve emails.

It has the same error with all the email adresses, SMTP servers and providers.
I did not have a firmware upgrade.

Does anybody have any clue about what's gone wrong?
Thanking in advance!

Ps I'm thinking of trying a master reset, but will I loose all my SMS'?

Posted by chamendra
why dont you master reset it ? but first why dont you back up everything onto ur comp.. even sms's...
try this site www.clubsonyericsson.com
they got most of the back up softwares.

Posted by Cophia

Did your mobile service provider make a network change to prevent smtp access on port 25 (via CSD and/or GPRS APNs), or did your smtp provider put in authentication that will now require a username and password to use smtp?

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