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HBH-15 and T610 together?

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Posted by jmbillings
Anyone know if these work? I have a T610 coming soon, but my headset isn't listed on the SE site- wasnt sure if this is just because it isn't a current model, or if it won't work... anyone tried?

Posted by pzboyz
They should work together. As you say, the HBH15 is an old model.

Posted by Zand
Bluetooth is Bluetooth. No changes in compability with the headsets since the first one.

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Posted by jmbillings
Thanks people, thats what I was hoping to hear!

Posted by hampe
My T610 and my HBH15 doesnīt work together... I guess they should but maybe somthing is wrong. I canīt send pictures via bluetooth to my parents T68i either,strange. Someoneelse who have experiensed simular problems?
The headset worked perfectly with my T68 before but now my T610 canīt find it. (Iīll try it with my parents phone later.)

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