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C905 USB charging

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Posted by pmassie
I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question...
I am trying to repurpose my old C905 into a wildlife camera trap. I've found an app which seems like it will work.
I need to get the phone to charge off a usb power pack and am struggling a bit here.

In the service menu I don't have an option to enable USB charging. The option says 'Charging off' and selecting it simply confirms that charging is indeed off.

Another post (http://www.esato.com/board/viewtopic.php?topic=191558) suggested that my firmware (r1fao35) has a bug and that I should upgrade to R1GAxxx.

Please does anyone know where I can find this firmware along with some instructions for dummies? Or any other input...

If this has been covered already and I missed it I apologise.
Thank you in advance.
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Posted by hihihans
This should Work by default.

Posted by pmassie
ah, unfortunately it doesn't. I've cleaned the contacts etc but no joy.
Thanks anyway.

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