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FS: Various GSM phones (Ericsson, Motorola, Panasonic) for spares or repair

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Posted by vpn
Hi everybody, I want to put for sale some of my mobile phones which I bought in past for spare parts.
Most of these phones turn on but they have problems so they are sold for spares or repair.

This is the list of the phones for sale:

-Ericsson GH172 Mk.1 with broken SIM tray, doesn't find network due to a radio transceiver failure. The ringer doesn't work properly

-Ericsson GH172 Mk.1 with a good SIM tray, it works and finds network but the ringer needs replacement. Needs a new keypad too.

-Ericsson GH198, works but is in poor conditions, the ringer needs replacement

-Ericsson GA318, turns on but nothing appears on the display

-Ericsson GH337, works but doesn't find network

-Motorola International 5200, the phone displays "Phone Failure See Supplier" when turned on and is unusable.

-Motorola Startac 85, works but needs a new flip since the Motorola logo is worn out

-Motorola Startac 130, works but needs a new display and a new flip due to the ruined Motorola logo.

-Panasonic EB-G350, works but doesn't recognize any SIM card. It comes with the charger and a good Ni-Cd battery.

-Panasonic EB-G350, has broken battery contacts and doesn't turn on.

All these phones are sold for spares or repair and they come without batteries, except for the two Startacs. If you're interested in one or all of these phones, let me know via PM or send me an email at meisteranker@outlook.com and make me an offer. I accept only payments with Paypal and I ship them with international registered mail. Preferrably EU buyers. Thank you!
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