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Mobile network Three to buy O2 in 10bn deal

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Posted by goldenface
Mobile network Three to buy O2 in £10bn deal

Mobile network Three is set to acquire its rival O2 for more than £10bn in a deal which consumer groups fear could increase prices for phone calls and internet access on the go.

Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing is set to become one of the biggest foreign investors in the UK when his Hutchison Whampoa conglomerate acquires the O2 network from its Spanish owner Telefónica. Both parties declined to comment, but an announcement is expected on Friday morning.

The merger will catapult Hutchison from Britain’s smallest network operator to its largest. Three’s 7.5 million customer base will swell to 31.5 million and the number of mobile network owners in the UK will fall from four to three.

more at The Guardian

Posted by goldenface
The deal has now been confirmed. Three UK is the largest operator in the UK.

The O2 brand is likely to disappear.
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Posted by aussieland1
Well I don't know how happy the o2 users are but as a 3 UK user I know I am. Provided that the prices won't go up we should get better coverage ...(hopefully).

Hopefully though this is not going to affect giffgaff it is always nice to have more options

Posted by Miss UK
Where does it say that Telefonica accepted threes offer lol

Looking forward to better signal however 3 plans have gone abit crap
Lately I exspect them to further get crapper with this purchase 😎

Posted by XperiaJunkie
I work for o2 and as far as I'm aware Telefonica have accepted the Hutchison Whampoa offer and as the same with o2 Ireland stores they will be re-branded but it all still needs the ok from Ofcom before anything is confirmed which could take upto a year to finalise the deal.

Posted by Miss UK
That will be interesting then if OFCOM give it the go or not,
it will surely cause Some conflict with Three becoming 1st
biggest then EE poor Vodafone pushed at the bottom No wonder
there not happy!

I don't mind it personally just future prices are my main concern
Three will be wanting to get back what they paid for 02 somehow
Out of this hence price hikes and crap deals!

I'm sure a lot of the 02 stores will be sold and three will just open
bigger stores In shopping centres anyway 😊
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Posted by goldenface
I'm not expecting Three's prices to stay the same. Now that they have O2 in their fold then they no longer have to compete on price as a means of punching above their weight. They still have unlimited data tariffs which are great but I can't see these lasting either.

Posted by Miss UK
Maybe a fresh network will start when 3 go kak
Or Vodafone might fight back and offer better deals
Although they have to sort there signal out as I needed a
Sure signal box at my place when I was with them lol

Will see anyway I do t think 3 will go downhill immediately
Although some of there plans now are abit shit!

Posted by Bonovox
I have not posted here for ages but I do read sometimes. Has nobody seen this?? Same thing in Ireland


I doubt much will change tariff wise


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