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KitKat for Xperia Tablet Z rolling out Early

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Posted by goldenface
After rolling out the Android 4.3 update for its Xperia Tablet Z in December 2013, Sony is currently offering the next best thing, in the form of the Android 4.4. KitKat update.

Back in March, we told you the Android 4.4 update was scheduled to arrive in May, but as TabletsMagazine reports, it appears Sony has taken the opportunity to roll out the update a few weeks prior. That’s great news for all Xperia Tablet Z owners, who will soon be able to upgrade to the latest OS standard.

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Posted by Muhammad-Oli
Excellent news as I don't plan to upgrade to the Z2 yet. I checked earlier today and the update isn't available for mine yet but let's hope it's soon! Thanks for pointing this out goldenface!

Posted by goldenface
Looks like we have to wait longer if you have the Wifi version but it is worth waiting for I guess, the camera upgrade is very worthwhile.

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