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Anyone else also carry a SGS4 second battery?

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Posted by djmax

Hi, IDK whether I am the only one need to recharge the S4 battery everyday. It is a great phone since I have got it couple of months and it still runs pretty smooth, but when I use data on my it heavily---webs, FB,texting,youtube and other streaming videos, and some games, power darins fast surprisingly. I think most of smartphones today are about same battery issue. For me, extra batteries are my must have phone stuff…my current one(7000mah) got from mpj at a decent price weeks ago works good.without need for recharge everyday.

I havn’t found any one else around me owns S4, so I wander if other user also carry a second one?:)

Posted by nonder
Yes, I also got an additional battery for S4 so that i can use my phone constantly without having to leave it hanging on a charger.

Posted by tjon
hi, how to restore a less frequently used battery?

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