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Hello bros which was the last firmware to G900,

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Posted by nem-esis
hello bros look i do buy a very cheap G900 ten i do want update the firm with omnius but i do need know which was the last firmware to G900 to search it in google, some one does know this date.

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Posted by AbuBasim
I don't think you can flash any other firmware than what omnius offer on their site. For G900, the last version they have is R9M003.

Posted by ashyk36
I will check on my G900 later. I still have it, if SE gave a bit more support to UIQ it could have been a brilliant OS, obviously not now though.

Posted by nem-esis
HELLO agaiin bros the last firm to g900 was G900_R9N002/R6K842 this date i do found in the http://seusdb.10001mb.com/index.php there ara all firms to all plataform Sony Ericsson.

G900 R9L004/R6H815
G900 R9M003/R6J825
G900 R9N002/R6K842

To flash the plataform UIQ are the next options:

1.- XS++ :This way still work to flash today in the 2013 but the way to run is only install Sony Ericsson PC Suit 1.6 the old pc suite to UIQ PHONES only search it in google , TODAY in 2013 XS++ did work to me to know the reset code but the server is down but the tool do to useful to rewrite the CDA and can change some number this is useful to used the UIQ PHONES to flash free with other tool free called EMMA III but this tool only flash in the CDA of Asia and world generic 2 there is useful XS++ to change to WG2, capish!!

2.- EMMA III : This is a great option to flash today in the 2013 but only support to WORLD GENERIC 2 and the Asian CDA´S. Only search it in google.

3.- OMNIUS : A tool of pay work to all plataforms UIQ . Just what only no have the last firm to G900 there the omnisu´s database have the R9M003 like the last but the oficial last was G900_R9N002/R6K842 . there are other ex. of omnius dont have last firm for example for the w705 dont have the last in his support only they have the most used
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