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iOS bug will give unauthorized users access to iPhone

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Posted by laffen
A bug in the latest iOS update for iPhone makes it possible to bypass the screen lock password code and gain access to the phone

Bug in iOS password lock screen

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Posted by Miss UK
lol im sure apple are doing this deliberatly to get customers in store to purchase another apple gadget
ive not had this issue on my 4S though touchwood

Posted by etaab
Im sure if people dont leave their phones lying around for anyone to pick up, this shouldnt be much of an issue.

Apple do seem to be having a lot of bugs in their software updates these days. Almost as if they're not testing as thoroughly as they used to under Job's leadership.

Posted by Miss UK
There prob to busy coming up with new designs
In other if there tech yet rush out updates which don't
Work properly

6.1.1 has affected my signal + and sometimes
Phone shuts of randomly even though it has say 13%

Once phone is of also u cannot get it back on without
The charger

Posted by etaab
Yeah, S60 Nokia phones used to do that and it would annoy the hell out of me because often it would happen at the most stupid times also. Once, i was away on holiday and it happened. My family were worried something bad had happened to me because it was off all day long. That was my N95.

As for my SE Satio, it did it nearly every day. If i remember correctly, it only had a 1100mah battery which never was enough to power it for a full days use.

Hopefully Apple will resolve your issues soon though.

Posted by Miss UK
Didn't know Nokias had that problem too
Those N Series phones were no doubt good phones
At the time I enjoyed owning those didn't have a problem
Only till I got a x6 I did

Perhaps the battery thing is just its way of needing
Calibrating I've reset my phone let it run flat seems ok
For time being but it's a good thing I got the warranty extended
So I'm not really bothered it just is a pain to travel to a apple store
They need to open a few more stores seriously

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