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Anyone else still rockin the p800/900?

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Posted by se_p800

Man I miss this shiz

Posted by Tsepz_GP
Almost a decade later and it still looks "cool" ,SE created phones way before their time back then.
Such a shame innovation like that has all but dried up in the industry now, its all about profit margins now.

Posted by Ranjith
The P900 still looks awesome!have my P800 and P1 still with me

Posted by Residentevil
I still have my P1 as a backup and for use for travel.

Posted by etaab
I ocassionally read the P900 review on mobile review just for nostalgia purposes. Back then phones impressed us more. Today such features we take for granted.

Posted by se_p800
I just bought a p910i on ebay for £18. My current phone is broken, and i think im gonna have a lot of fun with the p910. I never owned one back in the day and really wanted to.

I spent hours and hours trawling the internet trying to find all the old games and apps I had for the p800. It was difficult. Heck I even wouldn't mind paying for them again but all the links are dead lol, so I had no choice but to illegally acquire them. Through my searches I ended up in an old thread I made on an old forum back in 2005 lol.

Good times.

Oh also you might find it humorous I also bought an 8gb memory for this phone so I can store videos and shizzle on, and the memory card was as much as the phone lol. Who needs iphones.

EDIT: And now someone is going to tell me I can't use an 8gb memory card on this phone...
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Posted by plankgatan

Posted by romarch
I still have my P910 for which I programmed in java. It is a great phone but lacks support. I would like to export my calendar.. Have read how to dissassemble the .ecs file but I do not know how to decode the resulting .dat file. Does anyone know where get this information from?
Many thanks romarch

Posted by se4evr
I still have a working se p800 up to now with 3 hard to find batteries BST 15. Good thing is, most of the uiq2 apps/games still work especially the indispensable psiloc IR remote and skyforce. As of this posting, I am also using a newly bought 2nd hand se p1i @ U$ 15.00 from a local pawnshop.

Posted by Ranjith
Ive still got my P800 along with me but no battery,its dead.My P1i is still rocking though!

My W800,P800 and P1i-3 of the best phones i have owned. Pic shot from my Xperia S,was an upgrade from my P1

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Posted by brunoXT
Im bidding on a used P900 with an apparently broken display. The person selling it doesnt know much about it and believes that the display is broken because of a dark mark visible.

If no one bids I can get for really cheap and buy a new display and housing.

Good thing is if the P900 is completely dead I can just return it.

Here is a photo of it.

Posted by skblakee
I actually came to this forum because of the P910i I owned at the time and and then the P9910i. I didn't register until a couple years after the p910i when I wanted to take part more in the forums.
Great phone. It had everyone oowing and aawing. The iPhone ripped this off.

Posted by brunoXT
Just got the p900 . Seems only need a display and shell. I also already order a new housing from Spain and new display from the UK.

As well I just got an awesome deal on ebay on a p910 like new

Will post photos

Posted by Ranjith

On 2014-06-12 23:02:27, brunoXT wrote:
Just got the p900 . Seems only need a display and shell. I also already order a new housing from Spain and new display from the UK.

Displays are still available to buy damn if i get can get new battery's for my P800 and P1i..it will be awesome

Posted by brunoXT
Im sure you can find it on ebay. Just gotta look. Like the P910 I just purchased. The guy who posted in on ebay didnt even put "p910" on the title. He just listed as "Sony Ericsson world phone"

I was browsing the listings and found it! I guess thats the benefit of working at the office with the computer in front of you!

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