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LF: mbw-100 charging clip

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Posted by seboy81
Hi guys, hoping someone may be able to help me out im after a mbw-100 charging clip or someone to point me in the direction of somewhere i could obtain one, i have tried various searches but keep coming up empty handed any help would be appreciated.

If all else fails and there is anyone out there that could loan me one for a day, all i need to do is find out if my mbw-100 is caput, the battery has been changed etc etc just have a feeling that a jump start from the main power may work as it has worked on my mbw-150s many times before.

Willing to pay cash or i have a mbw-150 i would be willing to negoiate with

Please help guys n girls

Posted by mark2410
i have one, in the drawer some where. i believe so anyway, not used in some time as the match seemed to have been lost. though how the feck do you loose a watch, i dont know.

Posted by hihihans
If you have an old charger you can use it by sticking it on the right pin.

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