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LF: iphone 4S 16GB [Please Lock]

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Posted by 50Cent
Title says it all really...

Looking to buy a iphone4S (UK buyer)... in 9/10 condition at least. No screen scratches... prefer one thats been in a case and screen protector.

Please post here or PM me your offers, pics are always useful

Trusted Trader
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Posted by 50Cent

Posted by bhavitsoft
i think treasures are not for sold ...

Posted by 50Cent
Im sure someone somewhere is looking to sell one of these

Posted by bhavitsoft
May that someone come soon.

You wanna buy the second hand. I hope you wont get them with some defect or any trouble. Me saying this, coz why someone sell away these good phones without any big reason ?

Posted by TeeGee
Trusted Traders on here usually sell phones in good condition, hence "trusted".
And why? Well, people who love gadgets like to try something new once in a while, because there's a new model, or just out of curiosity, or because they got bored

Anyways, this is not the Chat Thread, so free bump for your ad, 50Cent
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Posted by bhavitsoft
These were the reasons even i was looking for. Never intended to offend the "trusted" traders.
But, i wrote on the experience ppl get along with. There are cases, thats why.
O Yeah ! Free free free

Posted by 50Cent
@bhavisoft, I appreciate your concern. But I take suitable measures to ensure that I wont get scammed! Furthermore, as TeeGee pointed out most of people selling phones on here are known around the board and have entries in the trusted traders list

Thanks for the free bumps!

Posted by 50Cent
This can be locked... going to pick up the Nexus 4 instead!

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